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August 23rd, 2012

Rare Arthritis No Match for Woman Determined to Save Her Eyesight

By Jason Pratt jasonpratt

(written by Raquel Rivas - Mayo Clinic in Florida)

Sandy Blue and husbandWhen most of us think about eye problems, we think about a trip to the eye doctor for a new eyeglass prescription. But for Sandy Blue, a rare eye condition posed a mystery that almost left her blind.

Blue, then 44, first noticed red streaks in her eyes as she got ready for work one morning in 2008. She thought she was just tired, but her eyes got progressively worse. Eventually, “the white part of the eyes went red like apples. ” She saw a local eye specialist in Savannah, Georgia, and was treated with antibiotics for eye redness and pain that spread to her ears.

“I saw eight different ophthalmologists over the next six months,” recalls Blue. Different eye drops did not help, and her eyes became “cranberry sauce red” and painful.

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