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Archive for November 24th, 2012

November 24th, 2012

Double-lung transplant leaves man breathing easy

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Associate Margaret_Marie

Christopher Mark Gregory registered as an organ donor at age 16. At 19 he lost his life, suddenly, because of a brain aneurysm.

Because of Christopher's decision to donate, 63-year-old Jorge Bacardi received a lifesaving double-lung transplant for his lifelong primary ciliary dyskinesia — and with it, his first-ever full breath of air.

"My disease had forced my body to become accustomed to less oxygen," says Bacardi. "So when I took that first breath after my surgery, it was euphoric. There are few things in life better than being able to breathe." Read the rest of this entry »

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Tags: ciliary dyskinesia, Jorge Bacardi, lung transplant, Matthew Clark PhD

November 24th, 2012

Heart transplant puts Mia Welch back in the dance

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Associate Margaret_Marie

For months, a constant beat filled Mia Welch's room at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Arizona. But it didn't come from a radio or MP3 player. It was the beat of an artificial heart that was keeping Mia alive.

Mia's troubles began right after she was accepted into the Mesa Community College Dance Company. First, she started experiencing fatigue and shortness of breath when dancing. Then she began having difficulty just doing day-to-day activities. She scheduled an appointment with a doctor in Phoenix. And it soon became clear that something was seriously wrong.

"When the doctor pulled the chair up, I knew it was bad," Mia told the East Valley Tribune. "He said, 'You have congestive heart failure,' and my whole world felt like it flipped over." Read the rest of this entry »

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Tags: congestive heart failure, heart transplant, Matthew Clark PhD, Mia Welch

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