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December 2nd, 2012

“Flying ICU” helps Tanya Ginther recover from heart failure

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Associate Margaret_Marie

Tanya Ginther and her two children.

Tanya Ginther and her two children, Blaine and Clara.

Tanya Ginther and her husband, Mike, had their second child on Oct. 2, 2007. Three days later their new son, Blaine, joined his 3-year-old sister Clara back at their home in rural Hanover, N.D.

"Everything seemed pretty normal following the pregnancy," says Mike. "She had a couple episodes when she said she felt tired and run-down, but I just figured it was part of her working and taking care of two kids."

On Friday, Dec. 21, 10 weeks after Blaine's birth, Tanya and Mike were preparing for their annual Christmas trip. Tanya was in the garage getting the car ready.

"I looked over and she just sat down," says Mike. "I asked her what was wrong and she said she couldn't breathe and that her chest hurt. All of a sudden, she hit the ground. I ran inside and dialed 911. That is how it all started." Read the rest of this entry »

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December 2nd, 2012

Routine Executive Health exam leads to cancer diagnosis

By Margaret Shepard, Communications Associate Margaret_Marie

Marilyn Dobski and her granddaughter.

Marilyn Dobski and granddaughter

Marilyn Dobski walked away from her first visit to Mayo Clinic with a clean bill of health.

She wasn't as fortunate the second time around.

Dobski and her husband, Tom, first came to Mayo Clinic in 2007 for physicals through Mayo's Executive Health Program.

"We were impressed by the facility and the physicians," says Dobski. The couple, who own 13 McDonald's restaurants in the Lawrence, Kansas, area, were so impressed by the experience that they returned to the Executive Health Program in March 2010.

"I expected another uneventful exam," says Dobski. That expectation quickly changed as Robin Smith, M.D., a preventive medicine specialist at Mayo Clinic, examined Dobski's neck. Dr. Smith detected small growths on Dobski's thyroid gland and arranged for testing. Two days later, Dobski was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

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