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Myasthenia gravis – Early detection and right treatment

By Margaret Shepard

James MillerJames (Jim) Miller wasn't sure if it was just part of the normal aging process or if retirement wasn't agreeing with him. Whatever the reason, it became nearly exhausting for him just to eat.

A native of River Falls, Wis., Jim had recently retired from his job in health care administration when his jaws suddenly felt weak and opening and closing them became difficult.

"This didn't prevent me from getting nourishment as my wife, Donna, happily prepared soft foods like hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes," says Jim. "I figured if I rested my jaws, it would get better, and for short periods of time, it would." Read the rest of this entry »

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Liver transplant gives man a new lease on life

By Margaret Shepard

A series of miracles. That's how Marshall Curtis describes the care he received at Mayo Clinic.

Marshall came to Mayo after being diagnosed with cirrhosis, the result of a rare genetic disorder. He was gravely ill, and his condition was complicated by obesity. Marshall and his family believed that if anyone could handle the complexity of his condition, it was Mayo Clinic. Read the rest of this entry »

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