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Jackson Hoeger: Family and Medical Staff Journey Together to Reach Positive Outcome

By Margaret Shepard

Jackson HoegerIt was November 2004 when Jennifer Hoeger, mother of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, kindergartener Jackson Hoeger, first began to notice a change in her son's health and behavior.

"Initially, we thought he had strep throat," says Jennifer. "At the same time, Jackson's teacher noticed a dramatic change in his handwriting, and his well-behaved and happy demeanor began to disappear."

As the symptoms persisted, Jennifer and husband Marty suspected a migraine headache or internal pressure on his eye, so brought him to a specialist. A CT scan, however, showed no visible tumor mass or abnormalities. Read the rest of this entry »

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Surgery helps Jody get control of her life

By Margaret Shepard

Jody WobbeWhen Jody Wobbe played basketball in high school, she occasionally fell down. "My legs would just give out," she recalls. "I could always pop right back up, so it was no big deal." But in the back of her mind, Jody knew something was wrong.

The problem began during Jody's junior year in high school in Wabasha, Minn. While troublesome, it didn't keep her from aggressively playing the sport she loved. But her muscle weakness got worse and then she had trouble eating because her jaws ached. Finally, when her eyelids began to droop and she was too weak to get up from a chair without help, her mother decided it was time to investigate this mysterious weakness. Read the rest of this entry »

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