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Makala Johnson (@makalajohnson) posted · Recent activity · Wed, Jul 30 1:35pm · View  

Unraveling the Mystery of Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome

Imagine listening in real time to the thump, thump of your own heartbeat, the rush of your blood pulsing through your veins, and even the slightest twitch of your eyes - all in surround sound.  Those are but a few of the symptoms that Wendy Tapper was experiencing when she arrived at the Mayo Clinic in May of 2012.

The Journey to Mayo

Wendy TapperOutgoing and energetic Wendy, of Kansas City, Mo., enjoyed a career as a producer and publicist.  Bringing people and ideas together was second nature to Wendy and aided in her determination to find the answers in her own health care.

For three years prior to coming to Mayo Clinic in spring 2012, Wendy went from doctor to doctor and endured batteries of tests, scans, appointments and misdiagnoses.  Her rare condition ultimately revealed by Mayo physicians was masked in part by two distinct illnesses - breast cancer and a stroke. 

While those illnesses and the treatments Wendy was receiving are life-altering, they were compounded with the escalation of an underlying third and separate issue.  It was the escalation of her symptoms of dizziness, hearing loss and a drastically diminishing quality of life that brought Wendy to Mayo Clinic. [...]

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Mike Taylor (@bagguy) responded:

would love to hear from Wendy and get an update

Posted Mon, Jun 30 at 8:07am CDT · View

Robert (@robnor1) responded:

Mike, I too have just been diagnosed with SCDS. How did your round window occlusion go?

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Hoyt Finnamore (@hoytfinnamore) posted · Recent activity · Tue, Jul 29 7:57pm · View  

A New Approach to a Difficult Cancer Diagnosis

Tom Peroulas returns to coaching after surgery for a rare cancer.

At age 39, Tom Peroulas was active and fit. Coaching and playing rugby, biking to work in downtown Chicago, and exercising daily kept him in good shape. So when he started noticing pain in his leg, groin and hip, he thought it was probably related to activity. He tried stretching and yoga. He rested it. He worked with a physical therapist. Nothing helped.

After several months of persistent pain, Tom turned to his doctor, who referred him to a specialist in orthopedics. By the time he turned 40, in April 2013, tests revealed the startling reason for his discomfort: an uncommon kind of cancer called chrondrosarcoma that begins in the cartilage around bones. The cancer was affecting Tom's hip socket, or acetabulum. But although the source of the pain had become clear, the best way to deal with it had not.

Faced with a wide range of surgical options, Tom dove into researching his choices. After an exhaustive search that had him talking with physicians as far away as Canada and Europe, he decided to go to Mayo Clinic. Using a unique technique for hip reconstruction, the orthopedic surgery Tom had at Mayo allowed him to return to his life with the cancer removed and chances good that he won't need another reconstruction in the future.  [...]

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Bonni (@gemie1) responded:

I am surprised that Dr. Lewallen pioneered a hip replacement made from tantalum. Did he work on the material or did he already use an existing product and found a new use for it? I will say that my experience with Dr. Lewallen was very negative. My case was complex and my care was not adequate. Without going into the details, I had to go and see an Orthopedic Surgeon at the Hospital For Special [...]

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Dave Shoultz (@daveshoultz) posted · Mon, Jul 21 11:50pm · View  

We visited with the doctor about noon today. The leukemia (MDS/MPN) I was diagnosed with 2 1/2 years ago has become active. They have not established a firm treatment recommendation yet but it sounds like I will be getting chemo treatments 5 days a month for 4-6 months. The hope is that my bone marrow will start again making white cells and that my neutrophils will increase over this time. Until that happens I will need to be very cautious about eating any uncooked food and I will be wearing a mask everywhere I go.
We will again visit with Mayo the 14th of July when they will firm up the treatment recommendations.

Lynne and I appreciate all your prayers, encouraging words, and the support we are receiving.
We took in a lot of information this morning and we still are trying to handle it. God Bless Dave


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Hoyt Finnamore (@hoytfinnamore) posted · Wed, Jul 16 5:06pm · View  

Air Ambulance Ride Confirms Family’s Gratitude for Mayo Clinic

Brandon and Becky Mauck, with their children. Growing up in South Dakota, Brandon Mauck had heard stories about the famous medical institution surrounded by cornfields in Rochester, Minnesota. Mayo Clinic's reputation inspired him to become part of the Mayo organization, and for the past four years, he has been working in the Department of Nursing at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. What he perhaps wasn't expecting is how strongly his beliefs about the organization would be confirmed through his personal experience and that of his young family.

Recently, Brandon wrote to Mayo Clinic's president and CEO, John Noseworthy, M.D., to recount a personal story that confirmed his pride in Mayo. “I must say that I never imagined that I would be so well cared for by my employer," he writes. "I feel it is vitally important to say ‘thank you’ and make sure you all know how grateful I am.”

It all started in late 2013, at a family gathering in North Dakota in 2013. Brandon had traveled there with his wife, Becky, and two daughters, Annastyn, then 3, and Maci, then 2. Just a few hours after their arrival for the festivities, Becky, who was 29 weeks pregnant, went into premature labor.

“Being in rural North Dakota and three hours away from trusted medical care was quite distressing,” Brandon says. [...]

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