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Aug 15, 2014 by @iggeez1416 · View  

Mystery Solved – Diagnosis Moves Patient from Frustration to Peace of Mind and a Plan

Karen Gibson at Mayo Clinic with her husband. I want to share my story to possibly help another person and to hopefully help others who are still facing their own health unknowns.

I struggled for years with extreme fatigue, major skin problems, muscle weakness, escalating eye issues, and a host of other unexplained symptoms. I moved to Georgia with more and more symptoms. I developed relationships with new doctors and developed new symptoms – seizures and heart-related syncope. I went to see a neurologist, who began to run tests. In the meantime, I had regular quarterly blood panels by my regular physician, who upon reporting to me by phone noted no irregularities. I was told time and time again to stop chasing a diagnosis. My family continued to watch my decline.

After running numerous tests, my neurologist could only ascertain that I may have had some mini-strokes. My neurologist referred me to a major university hospital. After two visits, and being practically laughed out of the place, I began to have serious doubts about my symptoms and began to believe the many specialists and psychologists who told me it was emotional response.  [...]

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tracyjason responded 15 hours ago · View

Hello everybody, I just want give this great testimony to the whole public about a great man who help me out in serious illness. I have HSV-1 AND HSV-2 DISEASE for good 2 years now and I was almost going to the end of my life due to the illness. All I have in my mind is, let me just give up because life is not interesting for me any longer and i also pray [...]


tracyjason responded 15 hours ago · View

Hello everybody, I just want give this great testimony to the whole public about a great man who help me out in serious illness. I have HSV-1 AND HSV-2 DISEASE for good 2 years now and I was almost going to the end of my life due to the illness. All I have in my mind is, let me just give up because life is not interesting for me any longer and i also pray [...]

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Mon, Mar 13 at 2:53pm CDT by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Heart Transplant Puts an Active Athlete Back in Action

Living with a chronic heart condition, Kraig Gresham knew he would eventually need surgery to replace a heart valve. He didn’t anticipate a heart transplant. But his care team at Mayo Clinic helped him through it, and today he’s back in the swing of an active life.

Kraig Gresham was 47 years old when he received his heart transplant, but his journey to that life-changing surgery began years earlier. Kraig was born with aortic stenosis — a birth defect that causes heart valves to narrow and obstruct blood flow. As a child he had heart problems as a result of his condition. Despite that, Kraig was able to lead an active lifestyle, participating in sports like soccer and racquetball from the time he was young.

As an adult, Kraig knew he would eventually need a valve replacement due to his chronic heart condition. But when he began having bronchitis-like symptoms in his 40s, he was referred to Mayo Clinic with a more immediate problem: he was experiencing heart failure.


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soniawilliams responded 18 hours ago · View

My boyfriend broke up with me and I’m heartbroken. He says he needs time away to figure out if we’re right for each other. I know we’ve had some problems, but I thought things were still good. He is the love of my life and I can’t bear the thought of living without him. I’m afraid that he won’t come back. I want to talk to him and convince him how good we are together, [...]

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Wed, Mar 15 at 7:50am CDT by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Keen Eye and Quick Action Save Rochester Mom From Life-Threatening Infection

When Heather Spaniol contracted the severe skin infection necrotizing fasciitis, an immediate and expert response was required to save her life. Since then, a blend of traditional and complementary therapies has bolstered her recovery.

When Heather Spaniol woke up from the first of many surgeries to rid her body of a life-threatening infection that was decimating her tissues, the gratitude she felt toward the Mayo Clinic surgeons who’d saved her life was so strong, she didn’t even register how much trauma her body had sustained.

“I think I was in shock. I was like, ‘You’re all so great! I just appreciate everything you’re doing. It’s fine,’” says Heather, a mother of two from Rochester, Minnesota. It was June 2014, and she'd lost a major nerve and most of her right shoulder muscle, in addition to epidermal tissue on the back and front of her right side, to necrotizing fasciitis.


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soniawilliams responded 18 hours ago · View

My wife broke up with me after being together for 14 years, she said that she never wanted to stay with me again,and that she did not love me anymore, So she packed out of my house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. I tried all my possible means to get her back,after much begging,but all to no avail and she confirmed it that she has made her decision,and she never [...]

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Fri, Mar 17 at 10:51am CDT by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Hearing Loss Spurs Doctor to Pay it Forward

Inspired by physicians who cared for her as a young child with hearing loss, Dr. Greta Stamper used that experience as a springboard to a career as an audiologist and a teacher for others following the same path.

Today, Greta Stamper, Au.D., Ph.D., is a doctor of audiology in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus. But her connection to Mayo Clinic dates all the way back to her childhood.

Growing up in Iowa, Dr. Stamper was introduced to Mayo at age 10, when her parents took her to see Michael Schultz, Au.D., an audiologist in the Mayo Clinic Health System. Diagnosed with a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at age 8, she had made many visits to hearing health care professionals before she met Dr. Schultz. But he was different.


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soniawilliams responded 18 hours ago · View

After 12 Years of married, My Husband Changed His Mind!! We were happily married with two kids, a boy and a girl. 3 months ago, I started to notice some strange behavior from him and a few weeks later I found out that my husband is seeing someone else. He started coming home late from work, he hardly care about me or the kids anymore, Sometimes he goes out and doesn't even come back home [...]

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3 days ago by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Dylan Walling Survives Crash and Exceed Expectations in Recovery

Severe injuries from a motorcycle crash left Dylan Walling fighting for his life. But a care team at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, put the 21-year-old on the road to recovery.

As much as she’d like to forget Sept. 15, 2016, it's a day Julie George will never be able to erase from her memory. That day, the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, woman’s 21-year-old son, Dylan Walling, was riding his motorcycle on a highway en route to his grandmother’s house when the unthinkable occurred.

A slow-moving manure spreader had caused a traffic backup. Dylan passed three cars and then collided with the farm vehicle as it began to turn left into a field. Although he was wearing a helmet, it wasn’t enough to protect him. The right side of Dylan’s body took the impact, leaving him seriously injured. His liver split in two. He had a kidney laceration, a head injury, a broken femur and forearm, an ankle injury and a collapsed lung. His foot was broken, his heel pad torn, and his toes were broken so badly they were almost severed.


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soniawilliams responded 18 hours ago · View

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2 days ago by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Racing Ahead to a New Career After a Brain Injury

Under the watchful eye of Mayo Clinic’s neurocritical care team, Mike Short successfully recovered from a brain injury and, as a result, he’s charting a new course for his future.

Just four months after being in a coma, Mike Short was crawling through tunnels, jumping over fiery logs, and scaling walls as part of a 5K race known as a "rugged maniac." The Georgia native owes his ability to participate in the race to the neurocritical care team at Mayo Clinic that helped him recover from a brain injury he suffered shortly after his 50th birthday.

Diagnosed with a seizure disorder in childhood, Mike had had only a handful of grand mal seizures in his life. But on April 9, 2016, while visiting a friend in Black Sheer, Georgia, he had another. It was his first in 10 years. The seizure caused Mike to fall and hit his head. He was transported to a local hospital where he had another seizure.

“I aspirated everything into my lungs and passed out due to lack of oxygen,” Mike recalls being told.


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soniawilliams responded 18 hours ago · View

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Oct 17, 2016 by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chiari Malformation Spurs Nikki Prins to Reach Out to Others

Nikki Prins enjoying time outdoors.Oct. 23, 2015, is a date that Nikole Prins will always remember. It’s the day she finally learned the reason for the bizarre symptoms she had been dealing with for more than half her life. Nikki precisely recalls the time she heard the news. It was 1:24 in the afternoon when her doctor called with the results of an MRI she had the previous day.

“I was diagnosed with Chiari malformation,” says Nikki, who lives in Owatonna, Minnesota, and received care at Mayo Clinic Health System in Owatonna. “No one wants to be told at 21 that you have a brain malformation. I cried a lot.”

For years, Nikki had experienced a range of symptoms that included lightheadedness, fainting and extremities that tingled when she stood up, as well as migraines that got worse while she was standing. As a preteen, she was told she was having syncope episodes when she got lightheaded. Later, physicians made the diagnosis of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. But neither diagnosis nor any treatment had an effect on her symptoms. [...]

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amnie responded Sun, Mar 5 at 3:22pm CDT · View

My husband is being diagnosed with chiari malformation 1 of 18mm after having these annoying headaches for few years constantly. He Showed to two neurosurgeons in Singapore, we are resided in Maldives. And one doctor recommended surgery (Posterior fossa decompression surgery), and other one didn't, and basically told that he should learn to live with the pain. I am very confused of doing the surgery or not. He is back in Maldives, but we are [...]


Deana Sims responded 2 days ago · View

Nikki I am so thankful that Mayo clinic sent me your link. I also had to have 3 surgeries. My 1st was for the initial repair and the bovine patch was used. The day I went in to have my staples removed I started leaking while I was in the waiting room. So I was wheeled in over to the hospital for the 2nd surgery. Then 6 weeks later another leak. So then surgery # [...]

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Nov 22, 2012 by @Margaret_Marie · View  

A good team on her side

Jane FauselJane Fausel has always believed in taking care of her health. She loves working in the earth at her north-central Phoenix home, does water aerobics and Chinese breathing exercises, has never smoked. So she was shocked by the diagnosis she received in January 2007.

"Around Christmas, I started coughing severely," Jane recalls. "At first, I thought it was just due to the Arizona desert weather." But when Jane began coughing up pink-tinged fluid, she saw her doctor and underwent a battery of tests. The diagnosis was lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States among both men and women. It claims more lives than colon, prostate and breast cancer combined. [...]

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sandrah123 responded 3 days ago · View

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Dec 23, 2011 by @MakalaJohnson · View  

Christmas Miracle: Woman sings opera with new teeth and jaw

After this opera singer noticed something on her chin and asked her dentist to take an x-ray, they found an ossifying fibroma that had taken over all of her lower jaw. Susan Taborn needed to have her entire lower jaw and most of her bottom teeth removed. Mayo Clinic doctors and surgeons used her fibula to construct a new jaw. Susan now received a new set of bottom teeth, just in time for Christmas! Watch her inspiring story below:

Listen to her singing here:

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Mar 31, 2016 by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Lung Cancer Patient Survives With Help of Novel Procedure, Celebrates Next Generation of Innovation

Raegan Cury

Raegan Cury didn’t worry at first when she developed a cough in early 2002 that wouldn’t go away. She was a healthy young woman, athletic, a former gymnast, and her initial chest X-ray showed what looked like pneumonia.

Even her husband, a pulmonologist, wasn't too worried, until she received a surprising diagnosis. “I never thought it was going to be bronchoalveolar lung cancer,” says her husband, Dave Cury, M.D.

Raegan, who lives in Atlantic Beach, Florida, had surgery to remove the cancer and woke up with just one lung, due to the extent of the disease. The surgery was followed by four rounds of chemotherapy, but in 2003, tests found cancer nodules throughout her remaining lung. 

That was a dark period for Reagan and her family. She and her husband started their two young children, Chandler and Davis, in grief counseling.  [...]

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tamara58 responded Sun, Jan 8 at 12:02pm CDT · View

While this is a beautiful story & I'm happy for Raegan Cury, this is only possible for people that have insurance, it also didn't hurt that her husband is a doctor as well. I live in New, Jersey & need a lung transplant, my illness last year caused my lungs to scar very badly, I couldn't return to work because of this so of course I lost my insurance & was forced to go on [...]


ccar responded 6 days ago · View


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Dec 16, 2016 by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Busy Father Finds Way Forward Despite Hemochromatosis

After months of searching for an explanation of his debilitating symptoms, Chad Fogle turned to Mayo Clinic, where his care team was able to help him better understand and mange his diagnosis of hemochromatosis.

As a father of three and the district manager for 11 large retail stores in Houston, Chad Fogle was used to being tired. But in the spring of 2015, he began experiencing exhaustion far beyond what was typical.

“Two hours of being out doing something would exhaust me as much as working 12 hours,” Chad says.

He also began having memory loss. Sometimes he would drive to one of his stores and not remember how he got there. Some days he’d have to go back to his car four or five times because he kept forgetting things.

“I was living in a constant fog,” he says.


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alec responded 6 days ago · View

How long does it take to reduce fatigue symptoms after blood removal. I have been off work for almost two weeks have tests and still not positively diagnosed with Hemochromatosis. Even just getting up and walking around for ten minutes I feel like going back to bed. I do have type 2 diabetes, clinical depression, erectile dysfunction, low libido, but these last three weeks have been the worst I have felt and I cannot function [...]

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Dec 23, 2015 by @cindyweiss · View  

Holiday Season Brighter for Pulmonary Hypertension Patient After Surgery

Laura Floeckher found help for pulmonary hypertension at Mayo Clinic. The holiday season is much brighter this year for Laura Floeckhler, 45, from Orlando, Florida. Laura was diagnosed last Christmas with pulmonary hypertension, a rare disorder of the lungs affecting about 30 in every one million people. [...]

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margiemae responded Sun, Mar 19 at 4:37pm CDT · View

Joan, It was so good hearing back from you. I hope things get better for you & we can fight this breathing to be 100% better between you & my hubby. We were in for Xray on a spot in his left Lung & we now have to wait to hear from Drs this week on what their Plan is & the Spot they found, Don't like this Waiting thing! Hard to get it off [...]


mjoanali responded Sun, Mar 19 at 7:35pm CDT · View

Hi Margiemae: So good to hear from you and really happy that you have taken the time to respond. I am praying for your husband that the spot turns out to be just an old scar because when I had the balloon angioplasty last year, my arteries were ruptured and if I have to go to another emergency department, they think that the spots are new clots but it is just the scars from the [...]

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Mon, Jan 23 at 1:38pm CDT by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Aboard Floating Hospital, Bringing Medical Help to Poorest Nations

As part of the volunteer medical crew on a hospital ship, Mayo Clinic nurse anesthetist Brittany Blake put her expertise to work providing much-needed care to patients in West Africa.
Brittany Blake, a nurse anesthetist at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus, has participated in many international missions trips over the past five years. But her recent experience as a volunteer with Mercy Ships, an international faith-based organization that sends floating hospitals to some of the poorest nations is the world, was different than any of her other missions. This time, she could put her medical training to work.


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michelle12345 responded Sat, Mar 18 at 8:02am CDT · View

My name is Michelle Omar.i want to give thanks to DR BEN for bringing back my ex husband.No one could have ever made me believe that the letter I’m about to write would actually one day be written. I was the world’s biggest skeptic. I never believed in magic spells or anything like this, but I was told by a reliable source (a very close co-worker) that DR BEN is a very dedicated, gifted, and [...]

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Fri, Feb 24 at 1:08pm CDT by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Slaying the Dragon of Pancreatic Cancer

Pioneering a new method for treating pancreatic cancer, Mayo Clinic surgical oncologist Dr. Mark Truty is improving his patients’ odds of beating this much-feared disease.

Thomas Hoffman of Spearfish, South Dakota, was 56 years old, weighed 235, and had been diagnosed with prediabetes when he began to diet. As the pounds melted away, his wife became alarmed at his rapid weight loss. Then one morning, he awoke and his wife told him he was completely yellow — not from the sun streaming into the bedroom, but from jaundice. Thomas went to a local emergency room.

“The doctor comes in and gives us the news: ‘You have pancreatic cancer. You’ve got six months to live. Get your stuff together,’” Thomas says. “What do you do?”


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suelyga responded Wed, Mar 15 at 11:58pm CDT · View

I was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer 3 weeks ago today. The only good news that my oncologist gave me was that there is a good stage IV and a bad stage IV. I was lucky enough to have what he called good stage IV because he feels I came in earlier than most patients he has seen and I am in very good health. I start chemo on th 28th of March because [...]

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Aug 2, 2016 by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Tree Farmer’s Passion for the Outdoors Thrives Thanks to Palliative Care Team

Roger and Sally Conklin welcome visits from Charlene Anderson, a palliative care nurse practitioner. Roger Conklin has a passion for being outdoors. A tree farmer for more than 50 years, Roger looks forward to the changing seasons and experiencing the cycle of planting, growing and harvesting.

Over the last two decades, however, health concerns have made his outdoor activities more challenging. During that time, Roger has undergone hip and knee replacement, been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and faced additional health issues related to his heart and lungs.

Medical care from his team at Mayo Clinic Health System, along with support from a large circle of family and friends, have seen him through each of these obstacles. And in October 2014, a new feature was added to the mix when Mayo Clinic Health System Palliative and Supportive Care Service became part of Roger’s care team, too.  [...]

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4345haroldmanhart responded Mon, Mar 13 at 12:41pm CDT · View

I am a tree farmer ------and retired physician. We have had a 300 acre tree farm at Barneveld, Wisconsin, since 1966-----I believe it is different from yours in that we have planted mostly hardwoods trees for long term growth. Black walnut is he most frequently planted but oak, white pine, maple, and others. I have recently developed prostate cancer and am undergoing therapy for it at present. I believe we are about the same in [...]

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Nov 6, 2013 by @mayoclinic · View  

Life after C. difficile

Dianne Shea thought that the fevers, chills, vomiting, nausea and endless bouts of diarrhea from C. diff would take away her independence. But after a fecal transplant, she says, "My life began again."  

Diane Shea with her fan clubWritten by Dianne Shea

I've been a paraplegic and a Mayo Clinic patient for more than 10 years. My legs decided to stop working over a period of just a few short months due to a spinal tumor. So I didn't think I was a stranger to adversity. Then I met a nasty little bug they call C. difficile. The name is not ironic. At first I thought I had a very violent form of the flu with fevers, chills, vomiting, nausea and (the worst by far) countless, endless bouts of diarrhea.

My days were filled with nothing more than being assisted to the bathroom, cleaning up, getting back into bed, then starting all over again, weaker than before. I required around-the-clock care. I couldn't get dressed, could hardly eat anything, didn't have enough energy to do the smallest of tasks, and couldn't have any fun. Most importantly, I couldn't get through physical therapies for my legs.


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jferrara2283 responded Fri, Mar 10 at 12:26pm CDT · View

Cristi, I am so sorry to hear this. There is hope! Have you read Eat Durt by Dr. Axe? His experiences with stomach issues, including Cdiff completely change my life. I take his supplements and there is even a diet to follow for those who are terribly ill. I would definitely try this! Again, I am so sorry, but trust me, this is the next step I would take.


ls92390 responded Fri, Mar 10 at 5:23pm CDT · View

Cristi, How are they doing the FMT? and what state are you in? Have you seen an infectious disease doctor for this? If they are not doing a colonoscopy with the FMT, they should be. Very sorry to hear this!

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Tue, Mar 7 at 8:57am CDT by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Teamwork Gives Maureen Connell an Accurate Diagnosis and Much-Needed Relief From Hydrocephalus

After enduring months of unexplained symptoms that left her unable to walk, Maureen Connell found the answer to her puzzling medical condition at Mayo Clinic.

Barry Connell couldn’t be happier to have his wife of 53 years, Maureen, back.

Though the couple spent 16 years traveling cross-country after Barry retired as president of a manufacturing company in Connecticut, nothing prepared them for the difficult journey they would embark on when Maureen’s health began to decline rapidly in 2015.

For the first five months of that year, The Villages, Florida, resident noticed his normally lively wife wasn’t as alert as she used to be. She was also much slower to respond to situations. Then, on Mother’s Day, Maureen collapsed in the bathroom of the restaurant where their family was celebrating.

That incident led to months of debilitating symptoms for Maureen, along with a series of ineffective treatments. No one could explain what was happening to her. In desperation, the Connells turned to Mayo Clinic, where they were able to finally find the source of Maureen’s problem — hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid in the brain.

“After struggling with this for three months, we got a preliminary diagnosis less than 24 hours after arriving at Mayo,” Barry says.  [...]

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Nov 4, 2016 by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Multiple Medical Emergencies Give Nurse A New Perspective on Mayo Clinic Care

After receiving treatment for two serious falls and going through a surgery, nurse Jackie Traurig has a heightened appreciation for the health care Mayo Clinic provides.

Jackie Traurig in the body cast needed to heal her fractured lumbar vertebra and with the nurse from Orthopedic Surgery who helped ease her nerves, Lori Pierce, who she calls “the biggest angel in the world.”

As a nurse for more than eight years at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus, Jacklyn Traurig knew firsthand the value of the organization’s team approach to health care. But although Jackie was practiced at providing quality care, she didn’t truly see just how exceptional Mayo Clinic’s style was until she found herself in back-to-back medical crises.

A fall on the stairs landed Jackie in the Emergency Department with a broken back. Then, while still healing from the first event, Jackie fell again. This time, she slipped in a stairwell and suffered a concussion and broken collarbone. A CT scan following that fall revealed a brain tumor.

Despite all this, Jackie looks for the good in her experiences.


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ashleymartin responded Sun, Mar 5 at 9:03am CDT · View

Hello Viewers My Name is Ashley Martin form Texas United State.. i want to say a very big thanks and appreciation to Dr.SABU for bringing back my EX LOVER who left me..My ex Lover was always picking up an argument with me and was always beating me. He started acting strange and funny and left me for no cause for another Girl. I thought all hope was gone. One day as i was browsing searching [...]


gloriaaustin responded Wed, Mar 8 at 6:31pm CDT · View

Happy to tell the world how wonderful Dr Otoide has restore my dignity as a woman back to me. it been 2years in marriage with my husband and i have never conceive i wonder what was wrong wih me, so i searched out for a remedy and fortunately i met with the great spell caster Dr Otoide who has helped severally others with the same issues and i was very glad when i wrote to [...]

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Thu, Mar 2 at 12:26pm CDT by @SharingMayoClinic · View  

Daughter’s Persistence Leads to Discovery of a Life-Threatening Aortic Aneurysm

When Morgan Burke persuaded her father, Tony, to see a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, she never imagined it would lead to heart surgery that would save his life.

Morgan Burke spent years urging her father, Tony Burke, to make a doctor’s appointment. When Tony was 12 years old, he had open-heart surgery at Mayo Clinic to repair aortic stenosis. But as an adult, the 48-year-old avoided most medical care.

“I’m just that type. I don’t go to the doctor ever — unless I’m dead,” says the farmer from Plainview, Minnesota.


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raogmd responded Sun, Mar 5 at 8:24am CDT · View

I practice Pain Management in Bakersfield, CA. I happened to see a patient (70 yr) with more than 10 yrs of back pain treated by multiple doctors with diagnosis of lumbar disc degeneration and arthritis (no MRI). On his first visit with me for exacerbation of his back pain, I happened to find severe sacroiliac arthritis with Lumbar disc degeneration. While patient is under fluoroscopy machine for SI Joint injection, I happened to observe very [...]

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Fri, Mar 3 at 8:27am CDT by @kaysxn · View  

Hello, I have hit rock bottom and an all time low, so [...]

I have hit rock bottom and an all time low, so I'm deciding to share my story everywhere. I'm twenty one years old and I shouldn't be feeling hopeless. Please read my story, offer any help, but remain compassionate. Thank you.

The Beginning-
It all started in mid May 2016. I was exposed to chlamydia from a partner who assured me they were safe, have been tested, and hadn't had unprotected intercourse with anyone else. Which were all lies that I choose to believe. This is where the painful journey (which is still happening today) begins. The following day after being exposed, I had painful urination. I thought it was most likely a urinary tract infection because we had sexual intercourse multiple times the pervious night. I never thought of an STI. I called and made an appointment, but couldn't get in until five days later.

May 27th 2016-
My first doctor visit. I gave a urine sample and she told me it was a UTI. I was prescribed: ciprofloxacin. A few days later, she called me and said it wasn't exactly a UTI but an infection is there. She asked if the medication was helping and I said yes because it was. Then she said keep taking it. So I did.

July 12th 2016-
I was back in the urgent care with painful urination. I thought maybe another UTI. I gave a urine sample, they said it looked like a UTI. I was prescribed: phenazopyridine & sulfamethoxazole-trumethoprim. The symptoms subsided for awhile.

July 27th 2016-
My test results came back from Plan Parenthood that I had chlamydia. I had an appointment August 1st 2016 to get the medication. It was a one time treatment of: Azithromycin. My partner (whom was the same as before) also got tested, had chlamydia and then given treatment. He had said that he knew who he got it from and had to have been exposed back in December 2015. Mine didn't go away after the first dose of treatment so after seven days, I went back. I got retested and given another dose of the same medication. Then tested again and was clean of all STI's. I had broken up with this individual after all of this.

September 6th 2016 @ 3:30 PM:
I was back in the urgent care because of painful urination. I was not given any medication because it didn't show up as a UTI. At least, as I'm looking at my chart online it doesn't show I was given any medication that day.

September 23rd 2016 @ 1:45 PM:
I was again, in the urgent care for painful urination. I had given a urine sample and had a pap smear done. The urine culture gave results that were of an infection. The Pap smear showed no problems with the vaginal area, no STI's, and no yeast infection. I was prescribed: niteifurantoin macrocrystak-monohydrate. The symptoms subsided for a few months.

-I'd like to point out that since August, I have been tested multiple time for any STI's. And, had gotten into a serious relationship with a long term, trustworthy person in October. But once a month, I get tested for any STI. -

December 4th 2016 @ 6:30 PM:
You can guess what happened. I was in the urgent care for painful urination. Had the urine sample done and again it showed an infection. Every doctor visit they always said, "it LOOKS LIKE a UTI." (They never said / say it IS a UTI.) I was prescribed: Ciprofloxacin. (I had no knowledge that I've already been prescribed this.)

-The symptoms didn't subside this time. I had made an appointment with a urologist at this point. I was to be seen on January 24th 2017. However, the painful urination came and went. It wasn't the most painful. It was more of discomfort.-

January 24th 2017 @ 2:45 PM:
I finally had an appointment with a urologist, a specialist!! I told him my entire story and said all my symptoms. Mostly it was the painful urination. However, I had some lower back pain and abdominal pain. I never thought twice of those symptoms though. I gave a urine sample, and it came back completely negative. He had diagnosed me with: overactive bladder. Stating I was having "bladder spasms." I didn't think this was what I had. I don't show any symptoms of it except painful urination. But I was prescribed: oxybutynin (orally). This medication was the worse.

My painful urination went from being moderate to severe severe. I couldn't (and this is not a lie) leave my bathroom for 3 whole days. At most, I'd be in there in and off again for 12 hours. But at a time, I'd be in there for 6 hours straight. I started making a bladder journal. I only took 7 full pee's during those 3 days. Otherwise, it was little, small extremely painful pee's. The worse pain of my life! I called the doctor 4 times, but he never called back. I had a check up on Feb 21st. But, I couldn't wait that long. My boyfriend had said he thought I've been passing (or trying to) a kidney stone. That it could have been logged. Or it was a kidney infection.

February 3rd 2017 @ 1:45 PM:
After being trapped in the bathroom for days, I finally could leave to get help. I went back to the urgent care. I had told the doctor my entire story. I was pleading that I needed something for the pain. After explaining my story, he just looked confused. (By this time, I'd become crazy. I wrote all my results down from previous visits, all the medications I've took, and my bladder journal.) I had to give a urine sample. He came back and said, "It shows blood in your urine. This tells me you have an infection or are passing kidney stones. I think you'd be in more pain if it was kidney stones." I was prescribed: nitrofurantoin macrocrystal-monohydrate. (I couldn't remember that I had been prescribed this.) but I was also prescribed: Hydrocodone. (Which was the answer to my prayers. This is the ONLY medication that has relieved my symptoms. I could go without this for a couple days. I wasn't reliant on this, but it helped.) The doctor also told me to make an appointment with the urologist and express how it's an emergency. Also said to stop taking my previous prescribed medication from the urologist.

February 4th 2017:
I felt like I was going to die. I no longer had painful urination, but other symptoms. I had a fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, severe pain in my lower back, severe pain in my right abdominal area, extreme migraine, and I had goosebumps and shriving with 6 heavy blankets on me. I couldn't eat without wanting to vomit. I did eat though and drank plenty fluids. My fever went down within two days. My pain lowered to mild. I wasn't freezing anymore. That's when I knew, it had to be kidney stones or a kidney infection.

-In my opinion, I went with untreated chlamydia for months; I feel like it started infecting my other organs, like kidney. I've read that untested STI's create more problems. Because I never had ANY urinary problems before I was exposed. Doctors haven't agreed to my opinion, but haven't disagreed either.-

-I called and demanded an earlier appointment time. I expressed it was an emergency.-

February 14th 2016:
I went to see the same urologist. I told him my new symptoms and how what he had prescribed made my issue worse. He think told me, "Yes, I think you are experiencing something to do with the kidneys. It does sound like stones." Then ordered me to have a Ct Scan

February 21st 2016:
I had my first ct scan. Everything went okay, except the guy placing the IV inside me messed up a lot. I guess I have small veins.

-The painful urination came back after the night of the Ct scan. It wasn't severe, but discomfort. I had ran out of the medication that had worked for me. The doctors won't prescribe me anymore. -

February 28th 2016:
The urologist called me with my ct scan results. I was so happy to finally know what's wrong with me, except they had come back negative. He said I was "in perfect health." Asked me how my symptoms were and I said I still have painful urination. Then he prescribed me: trospium chloride. Which is used for overactive bladder, which I know I don't have! I am so angered.

I still have painful urination. I am the second day of the newest medication. It doesn't seem to be helping. I have lost all hope and almost checked myself into a mental hospital. I am having breakdowns. The pain has stopped me from working when I NEED an income, because I'm on the verge of being homeless. I've been suspended from college due to missing for doctor appointments. So, I have appeals in April to see if I can return fall 2017. I feel my life is over at twenty one. If anyone out there has any idea of what's happening to me, please reach out. Please help me. I've become lost when it comes to faith. I've had to give up a social life somewhat because the pain causes me to be in the bathroom for hours or I can't leave my bed.
-I haven't had any blood work, ultrasound, or X-rays done. I don't want to take anymore medication because it's affecting my system, I just want to figure out what's wrong and take what I need. I don't feel the urge the pee all the time. I can and do make it to the bathroom. The pain is at the end of the stream. Or I have small, short pees that burn. I have been tested multiple times for UTI and STI, all negative. In the urologist place, my results come back negative an infection. In the urgent care, my results say there is an infection present but they can't seem to figure out what. Diabetes runs in my family, which someone brought to my attention that it could be this. Please help if you can. My story is long, but dealing with this pain has been much longer. I can't do a lifetime of this. Thank you for reading and helping in anyway. It is greatly appreciated.-

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