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January 26th, 2017

Paired Kidney Donation Opens the Door to a More Active, Independent Life for Kathy Allen

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

Cathy Allen got a second chance through paired kidney donation. From Kathy Allen’s point of view, paired organ donation just may be the ultimate in generosity. Deciding to donate a kidney to someone you don’t know in a paired exchange can trigger a chain of matches that gives several people the opportunity for a renewed life.

“I can’t thank the donors enough for their selflessness,” says Kathy. “It takes a truly altruistic person to step up.”

Kathy, who lives in St. Peter, Minnesota, benefitted from the generosity of a family friend who volunteered to donate a kidney to her in March 2015. That individual was not a match for Kathy, but he was a match for someone else. Meanwhile, a woman from Illinois whose husband needed a kidney was a match for Kathy. And thus began a paired exchange at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus that, in the end, helped 10 people receive new, healthy kidneys.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Tags: kidney failure, kidney transplant, Paired Organ Donation

December 15th, 2016

Cowboy Back in Saddle After Successful Treatment of Glomerulonephritis

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

Diagnosis and treatment of glomerulonephritis, a serious kidney disease, has allowed Jack Rhodes to put his focus back on the activities he enjoys.

During the summer of 2016, for the first time in years, Jack Rhodes did something he doubted he’d ever do again. The 68-year-old retired rancher from central Alabama saddled up a two-year old stallion to train, exercise and ride.

Four years ago, Jack had gained 40 pounds due to fluid retention that resulted in swelling throughout his body. He suffered severe shortness of breath and was unable to walk, much less get on a horse. But thanks to an accurate diagnosis of his condition and successful treatment at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus under the care of nephrologist Nabeel Aslam, M.D., Jack’s condition has improved dramatically.

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Tags: Chronic kidney disease, Dr Nabeel Aslam, Glomerulonephritis, kidney failure, Mayo Nephrology Collaborative Group

October 21st, 2015

Here Comes (the Father of) the Bride — With a Little Help From Mayo

By Hoyt Finnamore HoytFinnamore

Andre Pearson traveled to his daughter's wedding with some help from Mayo Clinic.

Andre Pearson wanted nothing more than to be in Indio, California, last June to answer the question: "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?" But up until the night before, it looked like he was going to be resigned to watching his daughter, Alexandra Price, get married from half a country away. Heart and kidney failure had kept Andre in a hospital bed at Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus since March. But then his care team had an idea.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Tags: Dr David Joyce, Dr Lyle Joyce, ventricular assist device, Wedding, heart failure, kidney failure

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