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February 27th, 2017

Battling an Autoimmune Disorder Changes James Boddie’s Retirement Plans

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

A multidisciplinary team of experts at Mayo Clinic has come up with a unique way to treat sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease that affects the heart. For James Boddie, that innovative approach has made a world of difference.

In April 2005, nine months after retiring from his job as assistant superintendent of Osseo School District in Maple Grove, Minnesota, James Boddie had a heart attack while riding his bike in Florida. When he arrived by helicopter at a local hospital in Bonita Springs, he was told he had 100 percent blockage in his arteries.

James had no history of heart disease — at least none that he knew of.

“They did a catheterization and implanted two stents, which saved my life,” he says. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 28th, 2009

Giving Back

By Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network LeeAase

Glenn Primack had his first experience with Mayo Clinic during the last year, accompanying his best friend, Bob, who had cancer. Glenn describes his journey, both with Bob's care at Mayo (led by Dr. Keith Bible) and how that experience led him to seek diagnosis and treatment at Mayo for his own increasingly debilitating pain:

In the video below, Dr. Paola Sandroni describes the process that led to Glenn being diagnosed with sarcoidosis, and Glenn explains why he was motivated to give back, in hopes of contributing to further research advances:

Glenn, an investment advisor from Milwaukee, left with a sense of hope for the future and gratitude to his doctors and the many other people who cared for him. He was inspired to partner with Mayo Clinic in working to establish a $2 million neurologic disease research professorship in honor of Dr. Sandroni. He gave a major lead gift and is encouraging others to join him in reaching this goal.

He says, "At Mayo they don't let up till they get an an answer. I want to help others like me looking for an answer. I want them to come out walking again, like I did."

For more information on giving to support research, education and clinical practice advancements at Mayo Clinic, visit The Campaign for Mayo Clinic.

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