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Posted by Susana Shephard (@susanashephard) · Feb 3, 2012

Living with Cancer: Blessings and Hope Abound

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. For Robert Hoopes, a facilities manager from Glendale, Ariz., the diagnosis hit home - twice.

In 2006, Kara, his wife of more than three decades, discovered that she had advanced colon cancer. After a two year battle, she sadly passed away at the age of 54 leaving behind her husband, children and many friends.

Less than two-years later, Robert began experiencing acid reflux symptoms and abdominal discomfort. Initial tests results revealed a gastrointestinal blockage. Unfortunately, the final diagnosis proved serious - small bowel cancer. He continues with treatment at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and is enrolled in a clinical trial.

In this video, Robert shares two journeys. One as a caregiver to his first wife and then as a patient living with cancer. He explains how the many blessings in his life give him hope to continue fighting his disease.

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