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mayoclinic (@mayoclinic) published a blog post · July 23rd, 2013

Overcoming Epilepsy

Rachel Skaug pictured four days after my surgery in 1998 and a current picture of her in good health.

Rachel Skaug pictured four days after my surgery in 1998 and a current picture of her in good health


My name is Rachel Skaug, formerly Rachel Kaalberg, and I used to have seizures as a child. My seizures started in 1988, when I was just at 4 months old and lasted until I was 10 years old in 1998.

I am from Madison, WI but much of my testing happened at the Mayo Clinic -Rochester, MN. I had many tests such as EEGs, and the nurses were great.

I tried many medications and did try the Ketogenic Diet which both didn't seem to work for me 100 percent. Therefore, as a last resort, I had not one but five surgeries between August 1997 - June 1998 even though I do not remember them all. The last surgery in June 1998 was the miracle that helped stop my seizures. The doctor that I remember the most is Dr. Zupanc and my surgeon was Dr. Raffel. During the last surgery, they took a 50-cent size piece of my right temporal lobe out which seemed to stop my seizures, today I have been seizure free for 15 years and still going strong.

After my surgeries, the doctors diagnosed me with Tuberous Sclerosis. I do have a few issues with comprehension such as remembering what I read, but I work hard to remember things in picture format to understand what I read.

I am now currently 24 almost 25 years of age and expecting a baby in October. My experience at the Mayo Clinic was tremendous and all the doctors and nurses that worked with me were great in helping me beat Epilepsy.

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laura (@laura1961) · Wed, Mar 19 at 5:46am CDT · #

I have emailed your appointments contact three times asking if you use stem cell treatment for Complex Parcial Seizures but nobody can answer that question. Does Mayo Clinic do this treatment ? it does not look like it does from what I have just been reading. If you are not using this treatment then why. I have come across another hospital that works out of 3 states that seems to use it, but I don't know how successful it is.

Stacy Theobald (@stacytheobald) · Mon, Mar 24 at 3:53pm CDT · #

Hi Laura, Yes, our Neurology department does see patients with complex parcial seizures/secondarily generalized seizures. Here is some information about a recent study that was done. If you would like to make an appointment please contact the appointment office at 507-284-2111. Thank you.