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mnorthcutt .... we are located in Tulsa. After 2 1/2 years of misread MRI's and a top rated neurosurgeon (connected with St Francis) telling my wife that her symptoms were female related, we finally found a local Mayo trained Neurologist that diagnosed her in less than 5 min. Options were Mayo, stay local, Cleveland Clinic or Baylor. We chose Mayo and were very pleased with her surgeon and the Mayo. Neurology follow up for some recurring symptoms has not met our expectations. But I think it is the exception and if we had to go through it again we would still pick Mayo. Jim


Nikki thank you for your reply.

Dr John Atkinson was the Mayo surgeon (very happy with the surgery). Fortunately she did quite well - very well in fact. St Mary's was amazing! I got to watch the medical Helicoptor come and go from Sharon's room! Sharon was seen after the surgery by one of Mayo's neurologists and was later diagnosed with a small aneurysm as well as a "silent" stroke. We weren't happy with him and asked to be seen by a different neurologist. (He couldn't answer any of our questions (re: stroke) which we were very concerned about.) Unfortunately he has to "approve" our request and will not see her or allow her to be seen by another neurologist. He also informed us that Mayo has not seen a patient after the surgery with recurring symptoms. 🙁

Sharon also had another surgery at St Mary's and ended up with a major infection and an additional trip and week long "stay" as well as return trips every 2 weeks for a couple of months! BUT we wouldn't go anywhere else!!

Sharon and I are so glad that you are doing better! Although we don't know you personally we do understand.


My wife had the same surgery several years ago at Mayo with excellent results. However, she has been having recurring symptoms. Does this ever happen. What would be the best next steps?

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