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It was so good hearing back from you. I hope things get better for you & we can fight this breathing to be 100% better between you & my hubby. We were in for Xray on a spot in his left Lung & we now have to wait to hear from Drs this week on what their Plan is & the Spot they found, Don't like this Waiting thing! Hard to get it off your mind. Mayo in Rochester is so wonderful, They are right there to help you.I will keep in touch with you, may I ask your age? My hubby is 62 yrs old. We both still working too.
Take care & wishing you the best in your health too. God Bless you, Marjorie


Hi Joan, Thanks for sharing your wonderful Story on your Pulmonary hypertension. My husband of Red Wing, Mn.also found out he has the Pulmonary hypertension in Nov. He has been on meds to help get rid of his cough he has had for over a year. The cough has gotten better but the breathing has not gotten any better as of yet. When he had to snowblow ,I had helped him, as he had to stop many times to get his breath back. We had a wonderful nurse who came to our home every 2 weeks to check out his Vitals & meds.we are now at Rochester Mayo going thur the 6 appt today to see if they can do a balloon surgery on him. Mayo is so wonderful. We are praying for the best answers today. I wish you better health with your Pulmonary too.Hope to hear from others also on thier outcome on Pulmonary Hypertension.Thank you.

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