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Mon, Mar 20 at 1:48am CDT by @alec re: Busy Father Finds Way Forward Despite Hemochromatosis · View  

How long does it take to reduce fatigue symptoms after blood removal. I have been off work for almost two weeks have tests and still not positively diagnosed with Hemochromatosis. Even just getting up and walking around for ten minutes I feel like going back to bed. I do have type 2 diabetes, clinical depression, erectile dysfunction, low libido, but these last three weeks have been the worst I have felt and I cannot function properly at my job. Should I try and go to work and push through or is it better to stay at home and rest and do mild amount of walking until starting blood removal and fatigue alleviates as sometimes I feel like my body is beginning to shut down. Very concerning. Alec Walker, Perth, Western Australia.

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