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This is helpful. I have libed with pain so long to have a diagnosis in a day is what has me so worried. I have not read good thinga about the surgery. At all. I have rwad of many people not beimg able to walk after the surgery. Right now my worst symtoms are arm and joint pain. Numbness in my extremities and tiredness and weakness. My question is what stage of the game am I in amd hopefully whomever I see can answer that for me. I am young and I have two small children. I want to be as healthy as i can for them.


This article has helped me understand more about what I am looking at facing. I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation 1 yesterday. My symptoms are headaches, numbness in my hands and feet, extreme back pain, issues with depth perception when driving and joint and muscle pain. Doctors are saying surgery. I guess my question this stage am I better off living with the pain over having such a risky surgery. Also, doctors here in oklahoma are trying to get me in to see a doctor from Baylor or Mayo Clinic. Does anyone have a preference on best place to go?

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