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NaomiEvers (@naomirevers) published a blog post Mon, Oct 28 2013 · View  

My patient story – Naomi Evers

I am writing to thank the Mayo Clinic Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery and giving special thanks to Dr. Jeffery Britton and Dr. Fredric Meyer.

First, my name is Naomi R. Evers, and I am currently working in Nicaragua with an organization that I founded called Provider’s Servants Inc. My job is to buy and give needed supplies to organizations and churches and to offer my voluntary aid as well. This August we celebrated our one-year anniversary and were able to do something amazing. Through our purchases of medical supplies and treatments, and our connections with Nicaraguan organizations, over 600 people living in the Guatuzo Rain Forrest were able to receive medical assessment and treatment. The most common health issues in that region involve [...]

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