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Not Ready to Slow Down

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore

A second opinion at Mayo Clinic helped Harold Magy return to the active schedule he loves For years, Harold Magy was familiar with the inner workings of Mayo Clinic. As a mechanical engineer for more than two decades with a company that frequently worked with Mayo, he knew the ins and outs of many of […]

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Tags: heart failure, Cardiovascular Diseases, Patient Stories

Fri, Aug 15 · 20 Comments

Mystery Solved – Diagnosis Moves Patient from Frustration to Peace of Mind and a Plan

By iggeez iggeez

I want to share my story to possibly help another person and to hopefully help others who are still facing their own health unknowns. I struggled for years with extreme fatigue, major skin problems, muscle weakness, escalating eye issues, and a host of other unexplained symptoms. I moved to Georgia with more and more symptoms. […]

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Tags: Lupus, myasthenia gravis, Patient Stories

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Nicole’s Journey From Nurse to Transplant Patient and Back

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore

When Nicole Jahns was just five months old, her parents – and her doctors – knew something was wrong. She wasn’t gaining weight like a five-month-old should, and she wasn’t, as her doctors put it, “thriving.” They soon discovered why. Nicole had cystic fibrosis, an inherited disorder that affects the cells that produce mucus, sweat […]

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Tags: Cystic Fibrosis, Dr Mark Wylam, Lung Transplant, Nursing, Patient Stories, transplant

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Second Opinion Leads to a Second Chance at Sight

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore

Audrey Dean has been a lifelong advocate for social justice. After a notable career in social work, she earned a law degree and became senior counsel for the Alberta Human Rights Commission in 1992. At age 75, she is still arguing cases — some before the Supreme Court of Canada. “It’s fortunate that the government […]

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Tags: Dr Joanne Shen, International Patients, Macular Degeneration, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, ophthalmology, Patient Stories, vision loss

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Untangling a complex medical challenge

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore

Amy Supergan has battled a host of difficult and painful disorders. Now she’s found a way back to enjoying her life and her family. In the summer of 2013, Amy Supergan took a trip to Italy. That may not sound extraordinary, but there was a time when being able to travel and enjoy a vacation […]

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Tags: Chronic Pain, clinical trials, Dr Daniel LaChance, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Patient Stories, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Dr Kendall Lee

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Healthy Lifestyle Doesn’t Always Eliminate Risk of Heart Disease

By Paul Scotti Paul Scotti

Sometimes even doing everything right to live a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough to ward off a serious illness. Such was the case of 67-year-old Donald Glynn of Jacksonville, Fla., an avid runner who has participated in countless marathons, half marathons and 5K races over the last 30 years. He also watched his diet, weight and blood pressure, […]

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Tags: Donald Glynn, Dr Daniel Yip, Florida, Heart Disease, lvad, MayoClinicFL, Patient Stories, transplant

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Joyous Victory: Lung Cancer Survivor Finds Her Niche, Gives Back to Help Others

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore

Written by Eunice Nishimura My journey started innocently enough as a neck strain I received while playing with my daughter’s golden retriever in October 2010. As the year ended, the discomfort had increased, and I sought out my physician in January 2011. He set up appointments for MRI and MRA exams. Once done, I quickly […]

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Tags: Chemotherapy, Clinical Trial, Dr Helen Ross, Dr Steven Schild, Giving, Lung Cancer, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, Patient Stories

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A Healthy Assist for a Special Delivery

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore

JoAnna Goebel refused to let diabetes stop her from welcoming a healthy baby into the world When soon-to-be moms find out they are pregnant, many are eager to share the happy news with loved ones. When JoAnna Goebel learned she was expecting, she got on the phone, too. One of her calls wasn’t to a […]

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Tags: diabetes, Diabetes Technology Clinic, Endocrinology, Patient Stories, pregnancy, technology, Type 1 Diabetes

Wed, Apr 30 · 1 Comment

Enjoying a ‘New Normal’ After Epilepsy Surgery

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore

A few years ago, Jessica Veach’s life was going according to plan. She’d started her career as an elementary school teacher — a dream she’d had since she was 8 years old — and was settling into married life with her husband, Colin. Jessica was also successfully managing epilepsy, which she had been diagnosed with […]

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Tags: Dr Katherine Noe, Dr Richard Zimmerman, Epilepsy, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Patient Stories, seizures

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My Story – Lorrie Schroder

By Lorrie Schroder Lorrie Schroder

I have been going to Mayo Clinic since 1985. When I was 6 years old, a doctor gave me an injection into left buttocks of Terramycin, and within minutes my left lower leg was paralyzed (motor and sensory). Terramycin is very acidic. After six months, I was able to walk. Sensation returned, but I was left with a […]

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