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Fifty Years of Saving Lives

David Bakken's blood donation "career" had an inconspicuous start. Years ago, his young daughter needed eye surgery, and he donated blood as a way to help pay for the surgery. "At that time, they paid $25 for each donation," Bakken recently told KAAL-TV. But the thing is, Bakken didn't stop. He kept [...]

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Chris Norton wins Courage in Sports Award!

The below excerpts come from a USA Today article: Chris Norton, a sophomore football player at Luther College (Decorah, Iowa) who suffered a catrostrophic injury in a game last year, received the 2011 CBS America's Choice Honor for "Courage in Sports" Sunday. After suffering the injury, Norton was taken to [...]

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Austin Medical Center Receives Best Hospital Workplace Award

Austin Medical Center (AMC) has been named the 2010 Best Hospital Workplace — small hospital category — by the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA). The honor was presented to AMC staff and leaders on Friday, May 14 at the MHA annual awards ceremony in Minneapolis. AMC was one organization out of [...]

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