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Ella Schultz: Thriving with Family and Medical Support

Even before 6-year-old Ella Schultz was born, she was already a miracle and had beaten many odds. Because Ella's mother, Patty, was 42 years-old when she was considering becoming a parent, and her father, Ernie, had survived cancer, neither were sure they would be able to conceive a child. Fortunately, [...]

Created by Margaret Shepard

Jackson Hoeger: Family and Medical Staff Journey Together to Reach Positive Outcome

It was November 2004 when Jennifer Hoeger, mother of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, kindergartener Jackson Hoeger, first began to notice a change in her son's health and behavior. "Initially, we thought he had strep throat," says Jennifer. "At the same time, Jackson's teacher noticed a dramatic change in his handwriting, and [...]

Created by Margaret Shepard

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