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Loving care, answered prayers and a bake sale

For Carey Deacon, the support of co-workers along with her daughter's medical care reaffirmed her decision to return to work at the "only place she felt passionate about." Carey Deacon sped from her mother's graveside to the emergency room with her 15-year-old daughter, Catherine, doubled over in pain beside her [...]

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Mayo Dietician Runs Every Day for 40 Years

Can you imagine running every single day for four decades? Mayo Clinic dietician Steve DeBoer recently hit that 'mile' marker. He has run at least one mile every day for 40 years. Listen to what Steve has to say about this astounding accomplishment from KAAL's TV story here.

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My Mayo Clinic Journey

I, like many on the Mayo team, came to the Mayo Clinic through unexpected circumstances and/or stayed much longer than I expected. I love to tell stories, so here is my Mayo Clinic journey. While I was finishing my undergraduate degree, my parents moved to Spring Valley, Minn. – 26 [...]

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