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Thoroughness is credited by Canadian for early Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

John Henderson of British Columbia is a details man: a Chartered Accountant for whom accuracy and thoroughness are paramount. So while health care is excellent in Canada, about 15 years ago Mr. Henderson, now 62, decided his routine check-ups were not as thorough as they should be for a man [...]

Created by Makala Johnson

Routine Executive Health exam leads to cancer diagnosis

Marilyn Dobski walked away from her first visit to Mayo Clinic with a clean bill of health. She wasn't as fortunate the second time around. Dobski and her husband, Tom, first came to Mayo Clinic in 2007 for physicals through Mayo's Executive Health Program. "We were impressed by the facility [...]

Created by Margaret Shepard

Atlanta to Jacksonville: Short travel for answers from Mayo Clinic

Diane McIver’s first visit to Mayo Clinic mixed health care with pleasure – she and her now husband tagged their annual physical appointments with a trip to the golf course. At the time, they were just dating and enjoyed “a fabulous mini vacation combining our health care with an activity [...]

Created by Makala Johnson

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