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The Team Behind Team Lola

Posted: Wed, Apr 2 7:00am by Hoyt Finnamore · Discussion

lynn closway

A Marathon of Another Kind: Kidney Dialysis for 13 Months

Posted: Mon, May 2 9:20am by Lynn Closway · Discussion


A Miracle for Daniela

Posted: Fri, Feb 18 6:41pm by Makala Arce · Discussion


The Heart of a Woman

Posted: Thu, Feb 3 8:00am by Makala Arce · Discussion


Mayo Clinic is my answer

Posted: Mon, Sep 6 6:00am by CSMMayo · Discussion


Michigan heart patient counting blessings

Posted: Fri, Dec 18 2:00pm by CSMMayo · Discussion

cynthia nelson

Happy Holidays, Happy Heart

Posted: Thu, Dec 17 6:00am by Cynthia Nelson Weiss · Discussion


A Prom Promise Kept

Posted: Sat, May 9 9:00pm by Traci Klein · Discussion


“You have been given a life sentence!”

Posted: Tue, Apr 14 5:00am by CSMMayo · Discussion

barbara kermisch

Awash in a Lovely Red Sea

Posted: Fri, Feb 20 6:00am by Barbara Kermisch · Discussion


Tanya's Heart

Posted: Tue, Jan 20 11:19am by Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network · Discussion

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