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Flying High after Successful Laparoscopic Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

Barbara Nehr and her husband Adam had recently retired. Their shared passion for designing and flying experimental airplanes had taken them on many adventures in the past 20 years – adventures they planned to continue. But then the Orlando couple’s plans took a detour. A routine test showed Barbara’s body [...]

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Traveling the Road of Life, Seizure-Free

For the past eight years, Nicole Dehn, 30, has had pangs of sadness whenever she passes a small grove of trees on the road near her Jacksonville, Fla., home. The trees are a constant reminder of the day epilepsy took her freedom.

Nov. 14 2005. It’s the day Dehn [...]

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Military Man Celebrates Independence...from Stroke

At 23, Sean Bretz was the picture of health. As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville, you’d expect nothing less. But then last June 5, the machinery technician woke up with what he described as “an excruciating headache.” Attributing it to a  late night out with friends, [...]

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Stroke Treatments Then and Now

by Raquel Rivas It was 1979 when at 76, my grandmother suffered a stroke. Thirty-three years ago there was little people could do but deal with a stroke and its after effects. My grandmother thankfully regained her speech but she went through months of physical therapy and only regained a [...]

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My Path to Becoming an Organ Donor

Written by: Sara May, Public Affairs intern Do we ever consider the second chances we get? What if you’re given the opportunity to have a second chance at life? It wasn’t until recently, during my internship at Mayo Clinic in Florida, that I began to learn about organ donation and [...]

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Life-saving surgery provides a second chance

Jorge Rivera raised his cell phone and took a self-portrait that showed an almost imperceptible scar on his neck. Rivera, an administrative manager at FirstBank in San Juan, Puerto Rico, underwent a new type of surgery at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, to remove his cancerous esophagus and restore his digestive [...]

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Ponte Vedra Women’s Golf Association’s Pink Ribbon Golf Classic

Jacksonville and Robin Wahby were both much different 20 years ago, when Mrs. Wahby arrived in Florida. The city had no professional football team and all the prominence and economic development that come with that. And Mrs. Wahby -- then Robin Griswold -- was at a different stage in life, [...]

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Maggie's Liver

My name is Maggie Shook, a professional jazz piano player and my story begins in June 2009. A year after being diagnosed with End Stage Liver disease, I had resigned myself to a very short but full life. My parents were none too pleased with my decision and sought guidance [...]

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Tools to Live Well

Part of my job as a clinical dietitian is to teach others how to be healthy. I'm sure other employees feel as I do that sometimes it's hard to practice what we preach. Because of the new LiveWell program at Mayo Clinic, this isn't as much of an obstacle anymore. The [...]

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Stroke Awareness: Do you know the signs?

Despite the fact that I have been a Mayo Clinic employee for almost 19 years, and have worked for over five of those years with our comprehensive Stroke Center, I was shocked to find out that I didn't know all the signs and symptoms of stroke! It’s not just slurred [...]

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Olympic Runner Part of Mayo's Marathon History

Joan Benoit Samuelson was one of the 6,000 people who came to Jacksonville, Fla., on Feb. 15 to help find a cure for breast cancer. Samuelson, who won a gold medal at the Los Angeles Summer Olympics in 1984, the year that the women's marathon was introduced, joined racers from [...]

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Surgical Precision: It’s Magnetic

Sometimes the doors just aren’t big enough. That was the case with this 6-ton magnet that was installed in a second-floor procedure room of Mayo Clinic’s hospital in Jacksonville. The new intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging (IMRI) system allows neurosurgeons to use real-time imaging as they operate on brain tumors. This [...]

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Researchers Test for Alzheimer’s Risk

Mayo Clinic investigators have found that measuring blood levels of amyloid, an insoluble protein, can help predict who is at risk for developing mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease. The finding is another step in developing a simple blood test that, coupled with known risk factors, could someday identify people [...]

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