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Brothers Bond Over Kidney Disease, Transplant

Posted: Sat, Sep 17 1:09pm by SharingMayoClinic · Discussion


Mother Gives Daughter the Gift of Life … Twice

Posted: Mon, Aug 31 7:18am by Hoyt Finnamore · Discussion


Roman’s Road to a Second Birthday

Posted: Wed, Apr 15 2:00pm by Hoyt Finnamore · Discussion


A Kidney Between Friends

Posted: Thu, Aug 14 4:36pm by Hoyt Finnamore · Discussion


'Giving Back, Like My Donor Did for Me'

Posted: Wed, Apr 23 11:03am by Paul Scotti · Discussion


A New Chapter: Life After My Liver and Kidney Transplant

Posted: Tue, Mar 18 2:53pm by Jason Pratt · Discussion


Keeping a Positive Outlook Despite a Difficult Disease

Posted: Wed, Feb 19 8:07am by Hoyt Finnamore · Discussion


Living Donors Help Family Members Battle Kidney Disease

Posted: Thu, Dec 19 2:44pm by SMHNadmin · Discussion


Identical Twins Share Genetic Makeup, and a Kidney

Posted: Mon, Nov 25 9:15pm by SMHNadmin · Discussion


The Decision to Save a Stranger’s Life

Posted: Wed, Nov 20 11:17am by SMHNadmin · Discussion


Sister’s Kidney for Little Brother

Posted: Mon, Nov 11 10:12am by SMHNadmin · Discussion

Woman Gives Kidney to Ailing Sister, Walks a 5K Two Weeks Later

Posted: Wed, Sep 11 7:18pm by · Discussion


Five Years on the Transplant List and the Perfect Match

Posted: Tue, Jul 23 11:42pm by SMHNadmin · Discussion

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