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My story - Judy W

I had been to so many different doctors for my shoulder pain. Was even told it was all in my "head," but my husband and I continued searching for answers. We came to Mayo Clinic in Florida, they ran all kinds of tests, they believed my pain. After all those [...]

Created by Judy W

Finding Coach Rudy

With no cure available, a Mayo patient finds comfort in a reunion with a former teacher whose words and encouragement had a lasting impact on his life. With some help from his Mayo physician.   Tim Ruettiger, a gym teacher and wrestling coach in New Lennox, Ill., had no idea [...]

Created by mayoclinic

Eluding the 'Widow Maker': The Checkup that Saved His Life

“You have to go to know.” George Roberts will tell you he’s a busy man — too busy to worry about a physical. As vice president of a Florida-based road construction and contracting company and chair of two industry groups, he’s got a lot to oversee. Taking time for a [...]

Created by Cynthia (Cindy) Weiss

Woman Gives Kidney to Ailing Sister, Walks a 5K Two Weeks Later

When Tammi Cummings learned that her sister, Terri McMillan, needed a kidney transplant after a 40-year history of diabetes finally took its toll on her health, she never hesitated for a second about the idea of providing one of her own kidneys. Cummings, 52, of West Melbourne, Fla., not only [...]

Created by Admin

Rare Arthritis No Match for Woman Determined to Save Her Eyesight

(written by Raquel Rivas - Mayo Clinic in Florida) When most of us think about eye problems, we think about a trip to the eye doctor for a new eyeglass prescription. But for Sandy Blue, a rare eye condition posed a mystery that almost left her blind. Blue, then 44, [...]

Created by Jason Pratt

My Path to Becoming an Organ Donor

Written by: Sara May, Public Affairs intern Do we ever consider the second chances we get? What if you’re given the opportunity to have a second chance at life? It wasn’t until recently, during my internship at Mayo Clinic in Florida, that I began to learn about organ donation and [...]

Created by Jason Pratt

Healing A WWII Veteran's 66-Year-Old Injury

Mayo Clinic began because of a military connection and our commitment to servicemen and women has never faltered. As we celebrate Veteran’s Day this year, we salute the many Mayo Clinic staff members and patients who are veterans, helping to protect our freedoms. It is in their honor that we [...]

Created by Jason Pratt

Time Capsule 25: A Three-Part Video Series, Celebrating the Voice of Florida

October 1986 marked a very important time in Mayo Clinic's history. This was the year that Mayo Clinic opened its first campus outside of Rochester, Minn. The new campus, located in Jacksonville, Florida, opened its doors to patients on October 13, 1986. As the 25th anniversary of the Florida campus [...]

Created by Jason Pratt

Mayo Comes to Florida, Makes Headlines in the 80s

Mayo Clinic broke grounds on the Florida campus in 1985, opening their doors to patients on October 13, 1986. Meanwhile this new "unadvertised clinic in a forest" was making headlines throughout the United States. (Click on the headline below to read its article) Keep up with the latest in Florida’s [...]

Created by Jason Pratt

Twenty-Five Years Later: One Million Prescriptions in Florida

When the Mayo Pharmacy opened on the Florida campus in November 1986, its lone pharmacist, Nan Sawyer, filled just 11 prescriptions that day. Little did she know, 25 years later, the pharmacy would fill its one-millionth prescription. “Reaching that number is a remarkable milestone,” says Sawyer, “But what really matters [...]

Created by CSMMayo

The Breast Clinic is Now on Facebook

It’s fitting that we launch our new Breast Clinic Facebook page during October, breast cancer awareness month. Visit the page at to see some of the events Mayo Clinic is sponsoring, as well as to keep up with what’s new in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and research through our [...]

Created by Jason Pratt

Prepping for Mayo's 25th Anniversary in Florida

Mayo Clinic is nearing a big milestone in Florida. On Thursday, Oct. 13, the Florida campus turns 25. The medical center campus in Jacksonville was the first extension of Mayo Clinic beyond Rochester, Minn. In preparation for the anniversary celebration, we turned lose a "film crew" and "reporter" to quiz [...]

Created by Jason Pratt

A Heartening Song: From One Patient to Another

The young are bullet-proof.  Or they seem to think they are. That’s probably why we don’t see middle-aged X-games athletes.  Rare, too, is the 65 year old motocross racer or the social security recipient who spends his free time sky diving.  The line between good choices and not-so-healthy choices is [...]

Created by CSMMayo

Florida's 25th: The Land for the Campus

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Florida campus makes me think of the gift that started it all:  the land for the campus. The Davis family donated all 400 acres that we have today, and it's just beautiful. More importantly, it contributes to our patient care. Everyone - patients, staff, [...]

Created by Matt Derechin

Transition from PCT to RN

Before I became a nurse, I was a patient care technician (PCT) for two years while I was working to pass my nursing boards. I have learned so much about myself and my work ethic. I think working as a PCT humbled me. It taught me how much I care [...]

Created by CSMMayo

Pink Memories

Whitney Len, Public Affairs intern at Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida, shares her perspective on the breast cancer marathon. The highlight of my weekend? Crossing finish line of the 26.2 with Donna – The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer with a breast cancer survivor. As I awoke at 5:45 [...]

Created by CSMMayo

The joys and benefits of adoption

On Dec. 29, 2006, my husband and I adopted a beautiful little girl we named Lilly. I was surprised -- and thrilled -- at the response and generosity from my co-workers at Mayo Clinic. Friends, colleagues and acquaintances showered us with goodies from diapers and bottles to outfits and toys. [...]

Created by Jennifer Lineburg