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My story - Judy W

I had been to so many different doctors for my shoulder pain. Was even told it was all in my "head," but my husband and I continued searching for answers. We came to Mayo Clinic in Florida, they ran all kinds of tests, they believed my pain. After all those [...]

Created by Judy W

Finding Coach Rudy

With no cure available, a Mayo patient finds comfort in a reunion with a former teacher whose words and encouragement had a lasting impact on his life. With some help from his Mayo physician.   Tim Ruettiger, a gym teacher and wrestling coach in New Lennox, Ill., had no idea [...]

Created by mayoclinic

Young girl becomes champion for scoliosis screening

It's a rare teenager who puts in overtime. Kelsey O'Leary is that teen. At age 12, Kelsey was diagnosed with scoliosis and fitted with a brace by Mayo Clinic physicians. The Rochester, Minn., girl wore the brace day and night — logging more than the recommended hours — for three [...]

Created by Admin

Little Sofia takes big steps with the help of Mehta casting

              ............................................................................................................................................................. After Mehta casting at Mayo Clinic, 3-year-old Sofía Egües saw the curvature of her spine reduced from 60 to 35 degrees and has taken steps she was previously unable to.  Three-year-old Sofía Egües has progressive infantile scoliosis. In November 2012, despite having received [...]

Created by Hoyt Finnamore

Wrist Surgery - sharing experience to help others

Many years ago, I injured my right wrist while working for a previous employer.  At the time, I was told that I had a small cartilage tear.  I wore a splint for a couple of months, and I had a cortisone injection.  I didn’t have any additional problems with the [...]

Created by makalajohnson

"If I don't crack in to tears on this one, it will be abnormal..."

Richard is a patient from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. An articulate speaker with a keen eye for detail, he recounts a couple of happenings he has witnessed around the Mayo Clinic campus. These accounts certainly illustrate Mayo's mission that the "needs of the patient come first".

Created by makalajohnson

Teen Perseveres Surgeries to Straighten Legs

Last year, when Dr. Amy McIntosh watched me walk down the hall with my extremely bowed legs, it was obvious to her that I needed surgery. Without the surgery, my legs would be subject to joint and knee pain when I got older. It was my senior year in high [...]

Created by CSMMayo

Mayo Clinic Honors Friendship of President George H.W. Bush and Mrs. Barbara P. Bush

President George H.W. Bush and Mrs. Barbara P. Bush were honored guests at an event last week expressing appreciation for their friendship and recognizing a century of leadership in Orthopedic Surgery at Mayo Clinic. President and Mrs. Bush have a long, close relationship with Mayo Clinic as loyal patients, generous [...]

Created by Elizabeth Rice

Mayo helps athlete get back on her feet

I was diagnosed with bone cancer in ninth grade. It was December 2006, just before the holidays. For several months, I’d had a bump just below my right knee that the local orthopedic surgeon thought was just an extra piece of bone. My mom is a pediatric oncology nurse, and [...]

Created by CSMMayo

Mayo Clinic -- A place for hope

My name is Walter Cannon, and I am 66 years old. When I was nine years old, I had an accident at school that lead to an infection that destroyed my left hip. The hip was fused at age 12. Thirty-five years ago I started looking for a doctor that [...]

Created by CSMMayo

A Life Restored

This submission came via email from Marilyn Bates, a Mayo Clinic patient. Bulbs crack the soil as sleet clears from Pittsburgh streets. Spring is almost here or so I think. Not so in Rochester, Minnesota, where my sister and I journey along I-90 to the Mayo Clinic. Here, plains are [...]

Created by CSMMayo

"We're calling it 'Planet Mayo,' it's so unlike any other medical institution"

Albert and Mary Errato came to Mayo Clinic in February 2009 when Mary was facing another major operation. After a series of infections and complications, Mary's foot had been amputated in 2007 at an orthopedic hospital in New York City. She was scheduled for another operation, this time to possibly [...]

Created by Catherine Benson

Highlighted Comment - Week of 1/18/09

Here's an excerpt of Lindsay Wood's story, which she submitted on the Share Your Mayo Clinic Story open comment thread. ...On my second visit to Mayo Clinic, I met Dr. Miguel Cabanela. I could tell when he walked in the room that he was the doctor for me. He listened [...]

Created by Lee Aase