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Jackson Hoeger: Family and Medical Staff Journey Together to Reach Positive Outcome

It was November 2004 when Jennifer Hoeger, mother of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, kindergartener Jackson Hoeger, first began to notice a change in her son's health and behavior. "Initially, we thought he had strep throat," says Jennifer. "At the same time, Jackson's teacher noticed a dramatic change in his handwriting, and [...]

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Toddler diagnosed with aggressive brain tumor

Viola and Felipe Gonzalez were stunned when their youngest son's persistent flu-like symptoms were diagnosed as a brain tumor. The vomiting, holding his head while crying and unsteadiness weren't just a toddler's brush with the flu bug. A CT scan at the local pediatrician's office showed a mass the size [...]

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"Hopeful life" after surgery to remove rare brain tumor

When 7-year-old Jacob Harpel was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, doctors told his parents, Koreen and Paul, that it was most likely noncancerous (benign) and slow-growing and recommended a wait-and-see approach to treatment. But with the tumor causing seizures and dizzy spells, the Harpels decided to seek a second [...]

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