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A Long Journey to a Seizure-Free Life

Posted: Thu, Apr 23 8:34am by Hoyt Finnamore · Discussion

Stopping the Seizures

Posted: Fri, Mar 13 3:53pm by Hoyt Finnamore · Discussion

‘Nothing Short of a Miracle’

Posted: Wed, Dec 31 3:26pm by Hoyt Finnamore · Discussion

Enjoying a 'New Normal' After Epilepsy Surgery

Posted: Wed, Apr 30 8:13am by Hoyt Finnamore · Discussion

Traveling the Road of Life, Seizure-Free

Posted: Sat, Nov 9 5:22pm by SMHNadmin · Discussion

A lifetime of lessons in 20 short years

Posted: Thu, Sep 5 7:13pm by Admin · Discussion

Overcoming Epilepsy

Posted: Tue, Jul 23 10:04pm by SMHNadmin · Discussion

Surgery puts an end to life-limiting epilepsy seizures

Posted: Tue, Dec 25 8:00am by Margaret Shepard · Discussion

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