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Stroke at 36 Comes as Shock, Reveals Deeper Issues

Posted: Fri, Jan 15 4:54pm by SharingMayoClinic · Discussion


#StrokeMonth: From Victim to Therapist

Posted: Fri, May 16 3:40pm by Cynthia (Cindy) Weiss · Discussion


#StrokeMonth: It's a Numbers Game

Posted: Fri, May 9 1:22pm by Cynthia (Cindy) Weiss · Discussion


#StrokeMonth: TIAs - The Warnings Most Ignore

Posted: Fri, May 2 9:55am by Cynthia (Cindy) Weiss · Discussion

A lifetime of lessons in 20 short years

Posted: Thu, Sep 5 7:13pm by · Discussion


Soccer Mom Strokes on the Field

Posted: Wed, May 29 9:59am by Cynthia (Cindy) Weiss · Discussion


Holiday Health Hints and the Faces of Stroke Prevention

Posted: Mon, Dec 24 12:01am by CSMMayo · Discussion


Stroke Treatments Then and Now

Posted: Thu, Jun 7 3:58pm by Susana Shephard · Discussion


After My Uncle Had a Stroke

Posted: Thu, May 17 2:33pm by SMHNadmin · Discussion


Seeing the Light Helps Parkinsonism Patient Walk

Posted: Thu, Mar 8 9:54am by Stacy Theobald · Discussion


Mark McNeary: "A miracle of a different sort"

Posted: Tue, Feb 28 4:54pm by Susana Shephard · Discussion

cynthia nelson

Modifying your stroke risk

Posted: Fri, Jul 9 6:00am by Cynthia Nelson Weiss · Discussion

cynthia nelson

Happy Holidays, Happy Heart

Posted: Thu, Dec 17 6:00am by Cynthia Nelson Weiss · Discussion