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Overcoming Epilepsy

Posted: Tue, Jul 23 10:04pm by SMHNadmin · Discussion

Makala Johnson

Seizure-free after new surgery

Posted: Tue, Mar 5 10:44am by Makala Johnson · Discussion

Makala Johnson

Pleased Patient Shows Enduring Gratitude with Tattoo

Posted: Mon, Mar 4 8:00am by Makala Johnson · Discussion

Paul Scotti

An Unexpected Miracle from Down the Hallway

Posted: Tue, Feb 19 2:57pm by Paul Scotti · Discussion

Makala Johnson

My 30-Year Journey with Mayo

Posted: Wed, Dec 5 11:00am by Makala Johnson · Discussion

Makala Johnson

Loving care, answered prayers and a bake sale

Posted: Wed, Nov 14 11:03am by Makala Johnson · Discussion

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