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MaryEllen’s Journey: Coping with a New Reality (Episode 3)

When you last saw MaryEllen Sheppard in Episode 2, she spoke about how she was beginning to lose her hair. After two rounds of chemotherapy, MaryEllen said  she was beginning to lose clumps at a time. She knew the day was coming.  But the awkwardness of going bald wasn’t what was engulfing [...]

Created by Julie Janovsky-Mason

MaryEllen’s Journey: Chemotherapy Begins (Episode 2)

Like many women facing breast cancer, MaryEllen Sheppard had concerns over how she would feel after her chemotherapy treatments. Would she be able to go to work? Would the chemotherapy leave her feeling ill and exhausted? How long would it be until she inevitably lost her hair? When you last [...]

Created by Julie Janovsky-Mason

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