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February 18, 2009

Surgical Precision: It’s Magnetic

By CSMMayo
Magnet for new intraoperative MRI

Magnet for new intraoperative MRI

Sometimes the doors just aren’t big enough. That was the case with this 6-ton magnet that was installed in
a second-floor procedure room of Mayo Clinic’s hospital in Jacksonville.

The new intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging (IMRI) system allows neurosurgeons to use real-time imaging as they operate on brain tumors. This gives them a more sensitive method to distinguish diseased from normal tissue and allows them to locate the tumor with pinpoint precision.

The advantage for patients: fewer complications, less risk and shorter hospitalization, all resulting in higher quality of care.

6-ton magnet moved into hospital

6-ton magnet moved into hospital

The new IMRI system is unique: it’s mounted on the ceiling in a state-of-the-art suite and is moved to the patient via a rail system, rather than requiring the patient to be moved to the magnet.

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