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September 10, 2009

Becoming an Employee after 35 Years as a Mayo Patient

By Lee Aase

Linda Rockey's first experience at Mayo Clinic was in 1971, when her grandmother insisted that she come to Mayo Clinic for treatment of her worsening Crohn's disease. "It was a week that just changed my life," she says. Thirty years later Mayo neurosurgeon Dr. Fredric Meyer operated on Linda to repair a double aneurysm in her brain. In the video below, Linda describes how her life-changing experience as a Mayo Clinic patient led her to move to Rochester to become a Mayo employee so she could help serve patients:

As you can see, Linda's passion for Mayo Clinic and for helping our patients (and those who care for them) is obvious. It was a pleasure meeting her last week, and we look forward to her future contributions here on Sharing Mayo Clinic. Just as she enjoys helping first-time patients and their families find their way in the downtown Rochester campus, Linda will be sharing stories and observations as a regular contributor to this blog.

What's your Mayo Clinic story?

Lee Aase is manager for syndication and social media at Mayo Clinic.

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