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January 11, 2010

Blood Donor Center Young Volunteers

By Lee Aase

Sam Buchl and Darin Steffl both enjoyed volunteering in the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center during their senior year of high school. As volunteers in the Blood Donor Center, Sam and Darin were stationed in the waiting area and had numerous responsibilities. They offered refreshments to blood donors, provided magazines and newspapers, set up videotapes for children whose parents were donating blood, helped donors get settled with laptops or other equipment, or sat and talked with donors after they gave blood.

Both Sam and Darin knew how important each donor was to Mayo Clinic and the community, and through their volunteer efforts they made sure that the people who came to donate blood had the best experience possible.

Here are some of Sam's and Darin's recollections:

Here is more information about donating blood at Mayo Clinic.

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