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October 11, 2012

Blood Donations Help Keep Young Man Alive

By MakalaArce

Picture of Doug Frye"I am a brain tumor survivor who spent 10 weeks at the wonderful Mayo Clinic. During this time, I had many bleeding complications. The doctors had to give me blood products on multiple occasions. Simply put, without those blood donations, I would not be alive today. Since my return home (Kansas), the Red Cross has graciously held 2 blood drives in my honor. It feels great to contribute to a cause that likely helped saved my life. The Mayo Clinic and Red Cross are both very near and dear to my heart. Honestly, I cannot say enough about the staff and facilities that Mayo Clinic has to offer. I am forever grateful." -Doug Frye

---Every six minutes, Mayo Clinic patients like Doug Frye require blood or blood products. Because blood cannot be manufactured, our patients depend on the generosity of volunteer blood donors who donate at Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center and the American Red Cross. Blood is needed to help save the lives of surgical patients, accident and trauma victims, organ transplant recipients, and patients with cancer and other diseases. One unit of blood can save up to three lives. Mayo Clinic applauds Doug's efforts to encourage others to help save lives by donating blood. Mayo Clinic invites you to donate blood to help assure that blood is available for a friend, loved one or another patient. For more information contact Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center at 507-284-4475, or go to

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