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After three long years of unexplained symptoms and unresolved blood serology, my [...]

Posted by @iggeez1416, Aug 10, 2014

After three long years of unexplained symptoms and unresolved blood serology, my nuerologist suggested Mayo Clinic. It all began with a fender bender on my way home from work one sunny day. I was in stop and go traffic and could see my house from the stop light. Next thing I was aware of was paramedics pulling me out of my car and rushing me to the hospital. I had passed out. Upon follow up visits to numerous specialists, I was initially diagnosed with nuerocardiogenic syncope. I continued to have syncopal episodes and develop other symptoms with severe skin rashes, seizures and debilitating migraines. So much so that I had to retire from my job and stop driving. I went to specialists after specialists and even a very well respected highly regarded hospital. I was told time and time again to stop chasing a diagnosis. My family continued to watch my decline and my quality of life all but disappear. My blood panels continued to have flags and I was continually told I was showing false positives. What? I thought. Over and over again? It didn’t make sense to me. I went to the only specialist that really believed I had a problem but couldn’t figure out what was going on. I sat in front of him and cried like a baby begging him to tell me what to do next. He suggested Mayo Clinic. After consulting with my family and the referral from my nuerologist, I made my first journey from Georgia armed with a years worth of blood panel results, MRIs and MRAs, psych analysis (they kept telling me it was all in my head). The minute I walked through the door, I felt a sense of peace and confidence. It is difficult to describe but I will try. From my very first day, I experienced the organization and empathy of staff members. When I saw the Doctors, they were on time and engaged. They truly listened paid attention, asked questions and did everything they needed to do without rushing me out the door wondering what just happened. When I went to the next appointment an hour later, the doctor already had the bloodwork I had done that morning and had spoken to the doctor I had just seen. It was amazing. In two days, I had a diagnosis and course of treatment including my next set of appointments for other possible diagnosis. When you get diagnosed with multiple diseases or conditions like I was which is myasthenia gravis and lupus, it isn’t a good feeling,but it is a relief that now I can begin treatments and educate myself on diet and live as healthy a life as I possibly can. I am forever grateful to Mayo Clinic and they truly are a team. While it isn’t an easy life, I can now make it a quality life. Before Mayo Clinic I was having difficulty just getting out of bed and now, I get out of bed do chores, go out to eat, and do things I used to take for granted. The Mayo Clinic Team is the best there is.


I am looking for some good advice or how I can get my husband to the mayo clinic he has been throwing up for a year and half every morning and I have watched him deteriate slowly now he’s vomiting blood and they still know nothing we have had test done the G.I. doctor is puzzled my husband is very young and went from working everyday to working one day a week to none we need help we have three children. And I want my husband back he cries all the time because he doesn’t understand why him and what is wrong with him somebody please help

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