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Below you will find the story of our son, Ryan Turner, and [...]

Posted by @suzanturner, Sep 29, 2013

Below you will find the story of our son, Ryan Turner, and his experience at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. We credit his surgeon, Dr. Aaron Krych, and the other Mayo staff for his fantastic recovery and ability to resume athletic activities at a high level post-surgery. We sing the praises of Mayo Clinic to everyone around us and believe we are extremely fortunate to live within driving distance of the best medical care in the world. Please feel free to use any part of our son’s story and please pass it along to his surgeon as well. We’ve also attached a picture of our son for your use if you desire.

Suzan and Keith Turner
Rockford, Iowa

September 29, 2013

Our son, Ryan Turner, is in many ways is a typical, 17-year-old, senior in high school. He is an honor student and a successful 4-sport athlete, playing football, basketball, golf, and baseball at Rockford Senior High in Rockford, Iowa. Beyond that, last week he accomplished an athletic feat most can only dream about when he shattered 2 state football records and tied a third one while quarterbacking his Rockford Warrior football team to a 72-66 victory over Riceville. Ryan accounted for all 11 of his team’s touchdowns, throwing 10 touchdown passes and rushing for an11th, as well as completing an astounding 39 passes in the ballgame. His 522 yards passing put him in the top 10 nationally for all-time performances by a quarterback. To top it all off, he also rushed for 165 yards. For his efforts, he was named HyVee Horizons Athlete of the Week, USA Today’s American Family Top Performer of the Week, Radio Iowa Player of the Week, and KIMT Star Athlete of the Week.

While our son’s accomplishments would be amazing for any high school athlete, they were even more special when considering the physical roadblocks he experienced along the way. As a freshman, he missed the entire football season with a shoulder dislocation injury. After successfully rehabing the shoulder, he assumed the role of quarterback for the Varsity team as a sophomore during the 4th game of the season when an injury to a teammate elevated his role. His team finished a successful season by qualifying for the state playoffs. Unfortunately, Ryan’s original shoulder injury was aggravated during the basketball season. He was able to play the full season, averaging 11.5 ppg, and earning 2nd-team all-conference honors, but endured more than 10 shoulder dislocations during the season. A voracious golfer, he wanted to complete his sophomore season before addressing the shoulder problem. In golf, he tied for conference medalist honors, was sectional medalist, and had the low average for his team, which finished just 3 strokes shy of the state tournament.

In May 2012, a shoulder dislocation while lifting weights sent Ryan north to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a consultation with Dr. Aaron Krych. After a thorough physical examination, x-ray, MRI, and CT scan, it was determined that Ryan had a 360 degree tear of the labrum in his left shoulder. With some joint deterioration, due to the excessive number of dislocations, surgery was deemed to be the best course of action. On June 4, 2012, Dr. Krych successfully performed surgery on Ryan’s shoulder. A 5-month intensive rehabilitation schedule soon followed. After the prerequisite immobilization period, Ryan began following Mayo’s protocol under the direction of Dr. Krych and the Mayo PT doctors. One of the most impressive aspects of Ryan’s treatment was the interdisciplinary cooperation of orthopedics and PT to get Ryan back on the playing field. Both Dr. Krych and the PT dr. met with Ryan together. They not only presented a united front on how to approach rehabilitation, but demonstrated the exercises to follow, and patiently addressed all of our questions. They truly listened and planned their course of action based on Ryan’s desire to get back to full athletic participation.

While Ryan had to sit out both the baseball season after his sophomore year and the football season his junior year, he gained athletic clearance in November of 2012. He never skipped a beat athletically as he led his basketball squad in scoring, earning first-team all-conference honors. Following a successful golf campaign, he batted .455 in baseball and earned 1st team all-conference honors as a pitcher. But this was just the cusp of what was to come in football, with last week’s performance.

In closing, Mayo Clinic not only repaired our son’s shoulder but they allowed him to resurrect his athletic dreams. After his multiple shoulder dislocations, we were afraid that Ryan’s athletic career might be permanently derailed. However, the expert care provided by Dr. Krych and many others at Mayo Clinic, gave our son a second chance at sports and allowed him to perform at a higher level than we ever imagined. As a result, we tell everyone about the magnificent care at Mayo Clinic. We couldn’t have asked for it to be any better.


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