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Hello, I have hit rock bottom and an all time low, so [...]

Posted by @kaysxn, Mar 3, 2017

I have hit rock bottom and an all time low, so I’m deciding to share my story everywhere. I’m twenty one years old and I shouldn’t be feeling hopeless. Please read my story, offer any help, but remain compassionate. Thank you.

The Beginning-
It all started in mid May 2016. I was exposed to chlamydia from a partner who assured me they were safe, have been tested, and hadn’t had unprotected intercourse with anyone else. Which were all lies that I choose to believe. This is where the painful journey (which is still happening today) begins. The following day after being exposed, I had painful urination. I thought it was most likely a urinary tract infection because we had sexual intercourse multiple times the pervious night. I never thought of an STI. I called and made an appointment, but couldn’t get in until five days later.

May 27th 2016-
My first doctor visit. I gave a urine sample and she told me it was a UTI. I was prescribed: ciprofloxacin. A few days later, she called me and said it wasn’t exactly a UTI but an infection is there. She asked if the medication was helping and I said yes because it was. Then she said keep taking it. So I did.

July 12th 2016-
I was back in the urgent care with painful urination. I thought maybe another UTI. I gave a urine sample, they said it looked like a UTI. I was prescribed: phenazopyridine & sulfamethoxazole-trumethoprim. The symptoms subsided for awhile.

July 27th 2016-
My test results came back from Plan Parenthood that I had chlamydia. I had an appointment August 1st 2016 to get the medication. It was a one time treatment of: Azithromycin. My partner (whom was the same as before) also got tested, had chlamydia and then given treatment. He had said that he knew who he got it from and had to have been exposed back in December 2015. Mine didn’t go away after the first dose of treatment so after seven days, I went back. I got retested and given another dose of the same medication. Then tested again and was clean of all STI’s. I had broken up with this individual after all of this.

September 6th 2016 @ 3:30 PM:
I was back in the urgent care because of painful urination. I was not given any medication because it didn’t show up as a UTI. At least, as I’m looking at my chart online it doesn’t show I was given any medication that day.

September 23rd 2016 @ 1:45 PM:
I was again, in the urgent care for painful urination. I had given a urine sample and had a pap smear done. The urine culture gave results that were of an infection. The Pap smear showed no problems with the vaginal area, no STI’s, and no yeast infection. I was prescribed: niteifurantoin macrocrystak-monohydrate. The symptoms subsided for a few months.

-I’d like to point out that since August, I have been tested multiple time for any STI’s. And, had gotten into a serious relationship with a long term, trustworthy person in October. But once a month, I get tested for any STI. –

December 4th 2016 @ 6:30 PM:
You can guess what happened. I was in the urgent care for painful urination. Had the urine sample done and again it showed an infection. Every doctor visit they always said, “it LOOKS LIKE a UTI.” (They never said / say it IS a UTI.) I was prescribed: Ciprofloxacin. (I had no knowledge that I’ve already been prescribed this.)

-The symptoms didn’t subside this time. I had made an appointment with a urologist at this point. I was to be seen on January 24th 2017. However, the painful urination came and went. It wasn’t the most painful. It was more of discomfort.-

January 24th 2017 @ 2:45 PM:
I finally had an appointment with a urologist, a specialist!! I told him my entire story and said all my symptoms. Mostly it was the painful urination. However, I had some lower back pain and abdominal pain. I never thought twice of those symptoms though. I gave a urine sample, and it came back completely negative. He had diagnosed me with: overactive bladder. Stating I was having “bladder spasms.” I didn’t think this was what I had. I don’t show any symptoms of it except painful urination. But I was prescribed: oxybutynin (orally). This medication was the worse.

My painful urination went from being moderate to severe severe. I couldn’t (and this is not a lie) leave my bathroom for 3 whole days. At most, I’d be in there in and off again for 12 hours. But at a time, I’d be in there for 6 hours straight. I started making a bladder journal. I only took 7 full pee’s during those 3 days. Otherwise, it was little, small extremely painful pee’s. The worse pain of my life! I called the doctor 4 times, but he never called back. I had a check up on Feb 21st. But, I couldn’t wait that long. My boyfriend had said he thought I’ve been passing (or trying to) a kidney stone. That it could have been logged. Or it was a kidney infection.

February 3rd 2017 @ 1:45 PM:
After being trapped in the bathroom for days, I finally could leave to get help. I went back to the urgent care. I had told the doctor my entire story. I was pleading that I needed something for the pain. After explaining my story, he just looked confused. (By this time, I’d become crazy. I wrote all my results down from previous visits, all the medications I’ve took, and my bladder journal.) I had to give a urine sample. He came back and said, “It shows blood in your urine. This tells me you have an infection or are passing kidney stones. I think you’d be in more pain if it was kidney stones.” I was prescribed: nitrofurantoin macrocrystal-monohydrate. (I couldn’t remember that I had been prescribed this.) but I was also prescribed: Hydrocodone. (Which was the answer to my prayers. This is the ONLY medication that has relieved my symptoms. I could go without this for a couple days. I wasn’t reliant on this, but it helped.) The doctor also told me to make an appointment with the urologist and express how it’s an emergency. Also said to stop taking my previous prescribed medication from the urologist.

February 4th 2017:
I felt like I was going to die. I no longer had painful urination, but other symptoms. I had a fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, severe pain in my lower back, severe pain in my right abdominal area, extreme migraine, and I had goosebumps and shriving with 6 heavy blankets on me. I couldn’t eat without wanting to vomit. I did eat though and drank plenty fluids. My fever went down within two days. My pain lowered to mild. I wasn’t freezing anymore. That’s when I knew, it had to be kidney stones or a kidney infection.

-In my opinion, I went with untreated chlamydia for months; I feel like it started infecting my other organs, like kidney. I’ve read that untested STI’s create more problems. Because I never had ANY urinary problems before I was exposed. Doctors haven’t agreed to my opinion, but haven’t disagreed either.-

-I called and demanded an earlier appointment time. I expressed it was an emergency.-

February 14th 2016:
I went to see the same urologist. I told him my new symptoms and how what he had prescribed made my issue worse. He think told me, “Yes, I think you are experiencing something to do with the kidneys. It does sound like stones.” Then ordered me to have a Ct Scan

February 21st 2016:
I had my first ct scan. Everything went okay, except the guy placing the IV inside me messed up a lot. I guess I have small veins.

-The painful urination came back after the night of the Ct scan. It wasn’t severe, but discomfort. I had ran out of the medication that had worked for me. The doctors won’t prescribe me anymore. –

February 28th 2016:
The urologist called me with my ct scan results. I was so happy to finally know what’s wrong with me, except they had come back negative. He said I was “in perfect health.” Asked me how my symptoms were and I said I still have painful urination. Then he prescribed me: trospium chloride. Which is used for overactive bladder, which I know I don’t have! I am so angered.

I still have painful urination. I am the second day of the newest medication. It doesn’t seem to be helping. I have lost all hope and almost checked myself into a mental hospital. I am having breakdowns. The pain has stopped me from working when I NEED an income, because I’m on the verge of being homeless. I’ve been suspended from college due to missing for doctor appointments. So, I have appeals in April to see if I can return fall 2017. I feel my life is over at twenty one. If anyone out there has any idea of what’s happening to me, please reach out. Please help me. I’ve become lost when it comes to faith. I’ve had to give up a social life somewhat because the pain causes me to be in the bathroom for hours or I can’t leave my bed.
-I haven’t had any blood work, ultrasound, or X-rays done. I don’t want to take anymore medication because it’s affecting my system, I just want to figure out what’s wrong and take what I need. I don’t feel the urge the pee all the time. I can and do make it to the bathroom. The pain is at the end of the stream. Or I have small, short pees that burn. I have been tested multiple times for UTI and STI, all negative. In the urologist place, my results come back negative an infection. In the urgent care, my results say there is an infection present but they can’t seem to figure out what. Diabetes runs in my family, which someone brought to my attention that it could be this. Please help if you can. My story is long, but dealing with this pain has been much longer. I can’t do a lifetime of this. Thank you for reading and helping in anyway. It is greatly appreciated.-

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