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Mary E

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Hi Carol, I am new to this forum as well as my [...]

Posted by @marezdotes, Mar 15, 2015

Hi Carol,
I am new to this forum as well as my diagnosis of sm of about 6 mos. I have had my diagnosis confirmed by CT and MRI at a reliable University Hospital with evidence of edema, fibrosis, and multiple enlarged lymph nodes the largest few measuring 8 mm. ( I’m a nurse by my background and have a husband who is a semi-retired Internist.) My symptoms are abdominal pain, distention, and constipation. The GI doctor I saw seemed to feel the tests were not significant enough to warrant much consideration although I reminded him the symptoms were what drove me to see the doctor in the first place. Reluctantly he started me on a 6 day dose pack of steroids which aren’t making much difference. I’m curious what I should suggest next. He mentioned the Imuran, but everything I have read seems to point to the Tamoxifen. What is your suggestion? Should it be used with the prednisone? How long of a wait do I need to see if it is making a difference? Finally, where can I get more precise information on sm? The internet is very limited as you know. Thanks, Mary E


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