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Hi i am so lost as u can see by my pic [...] over 3 straight months like this

Posted by @rpoore, Feb 20, 2015

Hi i am so lost as u can see by my pic i have facial swelling that has been here for 13 weeks now it is not painful except ocassional headaches not many tho i get itchy back of the throat but the swelling will not subside. I have been seen at unc chapel hill i have been to an immunologist Who did cull allergy panel all were negative . I went to the ent dr as well he did a scope which was negative and bloodwork all which have come back negative i went to a rhuemetologist also did blood work nothing has come back abnormal except my ana which was the lowest positive there is i also had a salivary gland biopsy which was also normal. I then went to nuerologist he did nerve conduction test which was also normal i also had an mri and cat scan both were normal and with and without contrast i have tried steroids for a week and antibiotics and nothing it almost looks like bells palsy but no weakness and definitely swelling all my doctors so far are stumped and im running out of options someone please,help


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