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Sep 29, 2016 · Liver Transplant Allows Young Father to Be There for His Family

Dear Dr. Rosso

I have had my Gamma- glutamyl tranferase and Alkaline phosphatase high since 2011, and it has been increasing constantly.

I did many tests to find the cause of this values once we couldn’t find it , the doctor told me to do a liver Biopsy, in 2015 and it said there is a high chance of being a sclerosing cholangitis.

This disease doesn’t have cure when it gets to complicated the only solution is liver transplant, and life expectancy is not to high once you have the disease.

The symptoms that at this point i feel is feeling nausea sometimes, i don’t now if it is really related to the disease.I feel a lot of tiredness and with lack of energy too.

I just read an article that says that children with PSC had good results with antibiotic vancomycin.

Is this antibiotic really effective?

Who can guide me with this treatment?

I live in Portugal there is a doctor that follows this treatment and can give consultations through Skype?

Please help me I feel very hopeless with my disease.

Thank you.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards,


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