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Oct 24, 2016 · Life after C. difficile

I contracted c-diff 12 days after returning from Cleveland Clinic for mytral valve repair. I called my surgeons nurse who immediately diagnosed the symptoms as c-diff and advised I visit my local GP here in Aspen. My GP confirmed c-diff was present and started me on one round of antibiotics with no improvement. I was switched to a second, $2000/ten day course of a new antibiotic to no avail. By this time I was in the care of the regions best GI doc who put me on a 6 week protocol of vancomycin. It worked and for the first time I tested negative for c-diff. Unfortunately, I continued to have chills, aches, low energy, headaches and at times a tingling in my legs and feet. This has continued for almost two years now. One to two days in bed and I bounce back for a few days, only to return to bed a week later. The good news is the healthy periods are extending for longer sessions of up to a few weeks at a time, onky to have the “crud” return for 2-3 days. Energy goes and I head to bed. These recurring symptoms sometimes mimic the original c-diff symptoms so much I have had stool samples tested to confirm the c-diff has not returned. Luckily, c-diff has never returned, but these recurring symptoms are almost as debilitating and i am struggling to find a solution. I am open to any input.

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