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Nov 12, 2016 · #StrokeMonth: TIAs - The Warnings Most Ignore

i had a car accident in may 2015 and had a blackout. i never had one before, on or off the job, i was a letter carrier in the mail truck for 34 years. my eyes were totally black but iwas able to walk away from the accident. i should’ve went to the hospital but didn’t. went to my dr. the next day and he said i looked good minus all the bruises.on july 15 2015, iwas on my way to pt but called in cuz i wasn’t feeling good. i don’t even know how i got home but i did and fell into bed like a swan dive andwas out for three hours. went to the dr. and had an mri done but it showed nothing and i was good until dec.5,2015 when i was decorating cookies at church. i had another attack. i couldn’t see or hear, but i could walk and talk, didn’t talk sense. my son took me home and i was able to climb the stairs to the house and go upstairs all by my self. the hardest parrt was trying to figure out how to go to bed. i was out for 6 hours. went to the dr again and he refered me to the neurologist who ordered a cat scan and mri, both with contrast, but only the cat scan showed an aneurysm on the left side of my head which i know came from the car accident. this keeps happening and we haven’t found the real problem. the other times this has happened have been on Christmas eve, May 22,2016 July1 2016,august 8,2016, and then 3 times after i was in another car accident the cat scan and mri didn’t show any change from before. i had three after the accident on oct.18,2016,one was on the way from the church to the cemetary for a funeral. my daughter-in-law is learning the symptoms well. she sent my son to go home to bed. i had another one the next day when everyone went back home. once again it stays for about three hours and i’m dead to the world. the last time it happened i did not pass out, but was a real bobble-head doll, dropping my chips on the floor and just tryin to stay in the game, we are now going to see a neuro-surgeon and maybe he will have tests that will get rid of this once and for all.

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