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Nov 28, 2017 · Halfway Around the World and in Need of a New Liver

Just like Jacksonville and St Augustine recover from hurricanes, so will you. I am a Mayo JAX patient too, but to early for a transplant.

Jun 5, 2017 · The Liver Transplant a Hurricane Couldn't Stop

I travelled to Jacksonville Oct 4 – 23, 2016 for my transplant evaluation fro metro Detroit MI. We evacuted to Alabama and bought a tent. I was too early for transplant with my NASH and compensated cirrhosis. I am sorry to hear you had to become so ill first, but joyful and inspired on your recovery. Hurrican Mathew was tough on the beaches and the Pier, but they reminded me that they could weather a storm and be repaied. We ate at Singleton’s because it survived the storm, like I plan to do and as you did! Congratulations for getting back into the workforce and to be you again! Thank you Mayo Clinic for saving you!

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