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Jan 8, 2017 · Lung Cancer Patient Survives With Help of Novel Procedure, Celebrates Next Generation of Innovation

While this is a beautiful story & I’m happy for Raegan Cury, this is only possible for people that have insurance, it also didn’t hurt that her husband is a doctor as well. I live in New, Jersey & need a lung transplant, my illness last year caused my lungs to scar very badly, I couldn’t return to work because of this so of course I lost my insurance & was forced to go on Medicaid
” I’m 58yr’s old & have worked since I was 15yr’s old” and now because of this I’m looked at and treated like I’m low class. So please let’s tell the story but let’s also tell the truth here, if you don’t have the ability to pay then they let you die.
My heart is happy for Reagan & her family & I pray that she has many more years of good health & happiness, I just wish that I (and more like me) could have had the same opportunity as she did.

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