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Mar 13, 2017 · Tree Farmer’s Passion for the Outdoors Thrives Thanks to Palliative Care Team

I am a tree farmer ——and retired physician. We have had a 300 acre tree farm at Barneveld, Wisconsin, since 1966—–I believe it is different from yours in that we have planted mostly hardwoods trees for long term growth. Black walnut is he most frequently planted but oak, white pine, maple, and others. I have recently developed prostate cancer and am undergoing therapy for it at present. I believe we are about the same in age ——I am 86 and wife is 84. I am convinced my longevity has been closely related to working with trees for fifty years. We plan to keep; gong for a few more years and then turn it over to our children. Congratulations on your tree farm and care for yourself with Mayo Cliniic.

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