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Apr 11, 2017 · Unique Treatment Option Cures Cushing Syndrome for Jessie Brown

The story I read about Jesse Brown sounds exactly like mine! My endocrinologist ran tests cause I have all the symptoms of Cushing disease and the tests verified my cortisol levels are extremely high, I had an MRI of the endocrine glands and she said it only showed fatty liver and recommended me to go on diet medication. Before I got all these symptoms, I was thin, only weighed 139 lbs and fit great in all my clothes, all of a sudden my stomach started getting bigger and bigger, I gained 50 lbs in only 1 month( I eat very healthy, always have) then months following , an average of 5-7 lbs a month, I am now at 210 lbs and have every symptom of Cushing disease, but since my MRI didn’t prove it to my endocrinologist, she is basically giving up on me and told me to take diet pills. I am so desperate for help, I haven’t had a life for 3 years now, and feel so miserable physically and emotionally. Can you please help me?

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