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Oct 4, 2019 · Innovative Treatment Moves Conner Beyond Cancer

This story brings a smile to my face. I had a not dissimilar experience at Mayo-Rochester when I was 10 or 11. I will be 72 in November. I was diagnosed with tumors in each ear by doctors in Tulsa, OK. The late Earl Mulmed, M.D. was a family friend and former Mayo Fellow. He arranged for an appointment with O.E. Hallberg,M.D., who had developed a new approach to mastoid surgery, and he found the tumor was in only one ear, performed the surgery, and I was out of the hospital in a few days, and stayed in Rochester for a week so the stitches and surgical packing could be removed. Compassion, ingenuity, and caring physicians who are truly healers, are the hallmark of Mayo. Mayo Clinic has been a significant part of my life. Thank you. Bruce Wiley

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