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Apr 26, 2017 · Mystery Solved – Diagnosis Moves Patient from Frustration to Peace of Mind and a Plan

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share my story, I’ve been in chronic pain all over my for the last two years experiencing back spasms, sciatica, dizzy & passing out, bowel issue’s, severe arthritis, & tendonitis. I went to see my doctor & his aprn, the aprn completely dismissed me when I told her about the spasms, sciatica, & stabbing pain in lower left quadrant of abdomen. She nonchalantly stated “it’s probably a hernia” & walked away, I could read in this woman’s face that she thought I was a drug addict seeking pain medication. I was so upset because I couldn’t understand how medical professionals could completely ignore you & your symptoms & not provide treatment or therapy.

I went to my doctor’s office in pain without an appointment, & he told me to make an appointment for next week, I immediately stated “how am I ever going to be diagnosed?” I supposed to make for next week to tell you I’m pain today? I left the office & standing at the elevator, the Holy Spirit spoke to me & said google a pain management doctor; & I did. I wrote down their information & brought it right back into my doctors office & requested a referral. After one appointment with pain management, I was given 3 possibilities for a diagnosis, first is Lupus, second is firbromyalgia, and third is rheumatoid arthritis.

Pain management doctor apologized for the poor care that I have received, & immediately showed my blood work results, I tested positivie for ANA, which 97% diagnosed with Lupus test positive for, my inflammation number is high & wbc is high. My rbc is low I’ve been anemic my whole life, and yet my doctor continued to say he’s just gonna watch the number’s? I’m extremely disappointed with the lack of care I have received because if the Holy Spirit didn’t speak to me, I may have ended up dead before I should have. Healthcare has failed my Grandmother, her doctor’s told her she had arthritis and she really had bone marrow cancer, healthcare failed my Mother, she didn’t smoke or drink & went to her appointments every 3 months & her doctor couldn’t detect tumors in her liver. And trust her doctor knew all of the medication he was giving her was doing irreparable damage to her body. Because as the body ages the organs slow down & don’t work like they used too. The tumors quickly spread to her colon, I knew that they could take a piece of my liver and regrow my Mother’s but the doctor stated ” because of her age he doesn’t want to do it” my Mother was only 66!! My was given her death sentence on my birthday in july & by november of the same year she passed away.

This is unacceptable!!! I am outraged that people can actually call themselves healthcare professionals when they do nothing to help you with your medical & health issues. I told my Mother’s Oncologist (LOL) if she were your Mother you’d be doing everything you could to save her life but because she’s my Mother you are going to let her die. I know that I have to do something to make a difference & stop this from to anyone else.

Thank you

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