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Jun 8, 2017 · From Patient to Advocate to Caregiver: Taking Charge of My Heart Health


Thank you so much for sharing your story! You have made my day and I no longer feel like I just wanna crawl under a rock and die 🙁 I am 51 and just got diagnosed with CAD (coronary artery disease) and a vein leaking in my right leg! I’ve had a TIA a couple of yrs ago, have a pacemaker because in 2008 they diagnosed me with vasovagal syncope but I’m still having symptoms and now along with a long list of other diagnoses they think it may be something else…UGHhh!! I’ve always wanted to be an RN but kids and being a wife for over 40 yrs was my main priority even though I did get my BA in psychology and did some Counseling. Now that my 4th child just graduated and my last child graduates next yr, you have just motivated me to on how there’s hope and I can take care of myself first for a change now and go back to school for nursing too! 🙂 Thanks again and best wishes to you and your family! Continue to take care of yourself…Good job! 🙂

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